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May 1, 2011


Andrea Sherrard, 735-7544

RAIN, RAIN GO AWAY. And the rain kept coming and coming. Many areas are flooded, causing some to leave their homes. Spring has brought many storms along with hail, tornadoes, thunder and lightning. The storm sirens have been going off everywhere.

EGG HUNT. Many children attended the egg hunt Easter celebration on April 23 at Franklin Crossroads Baptist Church. They hunted more than 3,000 eggs and participated in games, crafts, face painting and enjoyed a movie and refreshments.

EASTER GATHERINGS.Keith, Renee and Paige Holbert hosted a gathering at their home April 23. Those attending were Shortie, Brod, Bryle and Jo and children, Reggie, Elsie and Jackie, Trinity and Sarah and children, Nichole, John and Keshia and children, Jimmie, Jamilee, Greg, Margaret and Cory, Royce, Stacey, Kane, Austin and Taylor, Pete, Martina, Chris and John. They enjoyed a delicious meal, games and an egg hunt.

Hubert and Shirley Goodman held a cookout and egg hunt at their home on Easter Sunday with their children, Timmy and Crystal, and their families.

Larry and Sheila hosted dinner at their home for their children and grandchildren.

GET-WELL WISHES.Get-well wishes to Opal Howard, Saundra Powers, Shirley Goodman, Leslie (Pick) Vertrees, Bryle Holbert, Wilma Cundiff, Pam Ford, Jerry Dyer, Jimmie Sherrard, Addison Jo Blair, Bill Parrett, Theresa Riney, Josh Carlton, Willard and Opal Smallwood; Mary BelleHornback; Patricia Hornback; Barry Childress; Adam Hay, Rosemarie Hay, Thelma Dunn and Cathy Morgan.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Happy birthday wishes to Amanda Lynch on May 2; Donnie Hair, Kim Howard, Ashlee Helm (12 years), Frank Saelen, Donnie Goodman and Corrine Skees on May 3; Paige Holbert (20 years), Kyle Lucas and Clarence (C. J.) Judge on May 5; Baylee Compton (14 years) on May 6; Karen Goodman on May 8; Mark Roberts Jr. and Benjamin D’Amico on May 9; Tyler Raizor (18 years) on May 10; and Samantha Stevens (6 years) on May 11.

ANNIVERSARY.Happy anniversary wishes to Dreamis and Pam Hill on May 12 (27 years).

HOOVER’S WIT. In the country where I grew up, it was quite common to call a person who didn’t share “stingy.” And if he were really stingy, he was said to be as tight as the bark on the tree; or better still was so tight he squeaked when he walked.

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