Improvements at Millpond

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Editorial: Feb. 22, 2013

ISSUE: Attracting development
Getting ready for business

The Millpond Business Center sits on 160 acres off Kentucky 313 in Radcliff. It features rolling hills and a beautiful cobblestone bridge that welcomes visitors. There is no doubt Millpond would be an attractive setting for a potential business that wanted a location to take pride in.

One key ingredient for a successful business park is location and Kentucky 313 provides a direct link to Interstate 65. With Millpond’s proximity to U.S. 31W and the new parallel connector road, the location could be best described as ideal. That is providing the terrain is an issue. Unfortunately, that isn’t necessarily the case.

The North Hardin Economic Development Authority and the City of Radcliff are working together to make affordable improvements at Millpond in hopes of attracting more businesses to the facility and the community. This level of cooperation, communication and big-picture focus could be a proactive approach to bringing industry and progress to Millpond.

The project has been full of peaks and valleys, both figuratively and literally. One visit to Millpond and one can see that while the access and entry are superior, the site itself could be described as challenging.

For Millpond to reach its full potential for a prospective business or industry, extensive grading and filling at the site will be necessary to attract development that will bring substantial economic impact and jobs not just to Radcliff but to Hardin County as a whole.

But making such an improvement at the center must be a judicious and economical undertaking. Some of the initial work is being handled for thousands, rather than hundreds of thousands of dollars, as originally proposed a few years ago. Detailed earth moving will be offered as an incentive extended to future developers and done according to their specifications and needs.

This improvement activity taking place at Millpond is not just a Radcliff and North Hardin Economic Authority issue, but rather a countywide challenge. Every city within our county has a vested interest in the success of Millpond and the jobs it could produce.

We applaud the city of Radcliff for having the vision to realize improving Millpond’s appearance is an important and conducive step toward recruiting future tenants. Equally important and laudable is the frugal approach the city is taking in doing so. There is a substantial amount of clearing that needs to be done just to allow for routine mowing of the facility this summer. The chances that a potential business would consider Millpond as a viable location could be influenced greatly by curb appeal.

The city will provide workers and the development authority will pay for fuel and rental fees on equipment and supplies that will be required to spruce up Millpond. It is this kind of cooperation that hopefully will serve future generations well.

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