Iraq veteran has new mission: Help families of the wounded stay together

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By Kelly Richardson



RADCLIFF — A nonprofit organization with an office in Radcliff is hoping to raise money for a project to help military families.

Michael Montgomery, founder and CEO of Eagle Outreach Ministries, wants to build an apartment complex near Fort Knox to house families who have a member stationed at the post because of injuries. The apartment complex, called Faith and Hope Wellness Center, would feature 25 two-bedroom apartments, where soldiers’ families could stay for up to 60 days at no expense to them.

The idea for the project came from Montgomery’s personal experience. Montgomery, who recently was discharged from the military, found himself at Fort Knox with injuries sustained in Iraq. There was nowhere for his wife, Tamika, to stay without a significant cost to the couple while he recuperated.

Because he was alone, Montgomery said, he turned to other sources of comfort, including drugs and alcohol.

Keeping families intact helps wounded soldiers and helps keep marriages strong, he said.

“Our overall focus is to save marriages and to save lives,” he said.

Montgomery said the next step for the project is fundraising and he is working on setting up an event, such as a benefit concert.

Along with the complex, Montgomery wants to offer families weekly stipends of $500 to take care of expenses back home. He also wants to offer grants that allow families to take trips after a soldier returns home, to give them time to reconnect before starting back into routines.

“The family doesn’t have time to reintegrate,” he said.

Families can be “adopted” by donors to take these kinds of trips for $4,500.

Eagle Outreach Ministries’ main office is in Indianapolis, and can be reached toll free at (866) 611-1610.

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