Isaacs running a race to teach and care for others

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Wednesday's Woman

By Becca Owsley

For Angela Isaacs, life is about giving her time to her classroom, church and community.


The 47-year-old grew up in Indiana and went to school at Georgetown College where she met her husband, Tim. From there, she moved to Hardin County and after a year of substitute teaching got a job at G.C. Burkhead Elementary where she has taught for 24 years.

“I think teaching is a calling, you don’t just decide to do it,” she said.

From an early age, she wanted to be a teacher. Isaacs taught a classroom filled of stuffed animals and her brother, if he’d sit still long enough, she said.

She had a big chalkboard and would teach what she was learning in school.

In high school, she started tutoring and teaching Sunday school at church. She said she can’t remember a time when she didn’t want to be a teacher.

Currently, Isaacs teaches third grade and has taught every elementary grade except second.

“I think what I enjoy most about teaching is the relationship you build with your students and when you have a student who has struggled to grasp a concept and then they get it,” she said.

Reading for the first time or anything a student does for the first time is a great moment for Isaacs.

About five years ago, one of the women in the school cafeteria told Isaacs she might be good at a volunteer opportunity at Warm Blessings. The job was delivering meals to shut-ins. She started out delivering to two women and now delivers to four.

“It’s supposed to be a program where we are helping them, but it’s one of the highlights of my week,” she said. “They are just a hoot.”

She loves hearing them tell stories.

“Angie Isaacs has always been a class lady and always has shown poise no matter the situation,” said the Rev. Mike Bell, executive minister of Glendale Christian Church. “I have found her to be one who lives by the heart.”

Bell said she is interested in and concerned for the elderly she visits for Warm Blessings.

Isaacs said it’s good to give back to the community and it’s model behavior to her daughters.

It’s also important to take time to let someone know you care about them and that they have value, she said.

No matter what you bring them, the women are happy to see you, she said. They have made a contribution to society and still need to feel they are important, she said.

“For me, it’s a joy to know I can help someone,” she said.

She also works with the youth at Glendale Christian Church on Sundays and Wednesdays.

“Mrs. Angie, as she is affectionately called at Glendale Christian, is one of the most caring and dedicated servants I have ever worked alongside,” said Jeff Gaines, lead minister. “Her selfless and compassionate heart is a true inspiration to me and countless others in our church and in this community.”

He called her a “shining example” of a Christian and a teacher.

Last year Isaacs started coaching with the Central Hardin High School volleyball team. She went to college on a volleyball scholarship, but had been out of the sport for some time. She knew many aspects of the game probably had changed but decided to coach.

The girls on the team were great, she said, adding it was a good experience to work with another level of student who needs teaching in a different way than a third-grade student.

She is helping coach again this year.

Isaacs enjoys running and has competed in several local 5Ks. She and a friend ran two mini-marathons — one for the Kentucky Derby and one at Disney. They have made a goal to run a race, not necessarily a mini, in every state.

They are not very far along in that goal and she joked they might be running in their 80s to finish.

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