Jan. 12, 2012: Our readers write

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‘Farewell and thank you, Mr. Galbraith’
With newspapers struggling for advertising and readers, The News-Enterprise never ceases to amaze me in an unexpected good way! Today it was with your editorial regarding Gatewood Galbraith. Kudos for another outstanding example of why you are one of the few quality small town newspapers in Kentucky. Excellent tribute to Mr. Galbraith.
John Gover

Examining DUI numbers
I was against the vote for alcohol sales in Hardin County because of the increase of DUIs and alcohol-related accidents. Now, my vote is coming to light as well as my voice being heard and I can justify my reasoning for being so remorseful against alcohol and the sales being in Hardin County.
It has nothing to do with my faith, or being near a school or daycare which are all very reasonable arguments I strongly agree with. My justification is that I have lost my loving nephew, Tommy Langley, to a horrible drunk who chose to drink and drive in Hardin County.
We have enough problems with people getting alcohol outside of our county and causing us heartache without it being even more readily available to them right here. Just how much money do you really want to collect for your precious county? Will it be enough to replace the life it takes away from you? And when you have to pay for that lost life, is it really benefiting this county in the long run?
Again, just my opinion for whatever it is worth to you. Tommy was everything to me.
Sandie D. Sharp
Vine Grove