Jan. 17, 2013: Our readers write

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Keeping the character that’s lacking

Perhaps this letter may have overtones of sour grapes; however, I am very dismayed with the results from the recent vote to lift restrictions on alcohol sales.

First and foremost, what a sad display of voter apathy. The low turnout speaks volumes about Elizabethtown and how short sighted and indifferent this town has become. This vote was far less about alcohol or bars opening in town and more about revitalizing a downtown district that has languished in a decaying infrastructure and environment. 

If you voted no or failed to vote at all, you essentially voted against quaint bistros and eateries that individuals from the area may have opened.

You voted to keep in place a discriminatory, local law that benefits and promotes corporations and hinders potential small business owners.

You voted against small pubs that serve home-made dishes, Kentucky made wines, beers and bourbon and provides venues for local artists to perform their craft.

You voted against a town to develop any character that is distinguishable or remarkable. What you have voted for by voting no is a trend to proliferate the stark landscape of corporate, cookie cutter chain restaurants, fast food joints, strip malls and traffic jams that dominate the north end of town.

You voted against enhancing a small city that is nearly devoid of any character at all.

We will never be Bardstown, Frankfort Avenue or the Highlands in Louisville, but at least E’town is still a great place to wait 45 minutes for dinner and then proceed straight home.    

Scott Kindervater