Jan. 22, 2012: Our readers write

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Drunken or conflicted in Radcliff
I’m not quite sure which of these characterize some of the Radcliff City Council members but they themselves should consider this and decide.
A conflict of interest arises when a party to an issue has power or authority in that issue and uses that power or authority as leverage upon those who oppose the issue, thus strengthening their own position. Having voted to go wet then securing a liquor license, the Radcliff City Council members who did so should realize their interest in alcohol sales likely drove their comments and votes. That same interest should have beckoned them to recuse themselves from the discussion and the vote on alcohol sales, after making their intentions known to the full council, which they also did not do.
Let there be no confusion. “Interest” deals with timing and “conflict” deals with material. When time and material oppose one another there is conflict, i.e. a bill is due today but there is no money to pay the bill today. Unless those council members voting for alcohol sales, then subsequently applying for an alcohol license are drunk themselves, they must know involvement in the discussion and the vote on alcohol sales was and is a conflict of interest. Shame, shame, shame.
Howard T. Robinson