Jan. 23, 2014: Our readers write

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David Galassini, John Gover

Sharing opinion on a few candidates

As the political arena warms up in Hardin County, I often pay attention to motives, background and statements made by those who are involved or intend to be in the public eye.

Harry Barry, you get my vote because you are a representation of good solid values, leadership and a true conservative, as your fiscal responsibility is sound and based on the whole county.

Harry Braxton gets my vote because he is a man of conservative values and leadership also; he won’t shy from controversy and will gladly accept the facts. Hyperbole is a democratic value often spun to appease the populace. You won’t catch Braxton not telling you the facts and let you draw your own conclusion. All respect intended.

The Rev. Jacob Pearman — you missed the mark long ago, thinking you could separate yourself and the people of Radcliff by separating this city from Fort Knox. Maybe you have a point. We cannot depend on the federal government to have our future in stable hands. No brainer there, just one critical look at Washington politicians and we are certainly in decline and in danger of peril when it comes to having a bright future.

But on the other hand, what were you thinking? We are and forever will be attached to Fort Knox. The ebb and flow of the post’s population directly affects us economically and personally.

Can we expect some form of miracle in your view that would rescue us should the post decline even further than predicted? Can a new identity and an economic miracle save Radcliff? Will you shower us with new jobs and economic stability? Smoke and mirrors won’t get you a mayor’s spot in my book.

Me, I am just a working person: A Republican by affiliation not by mandate, a conservative and constitutional defender by nature. Convince me you deserve a vote and you get one. I get enough smoke and mirrors from the national media covering up for the Washington leadership.

David Galassini


Public can help finance memorial

The News-Enterprise on Monday, Jan. 20, published a story from The State Journal in Frankfort titled “Memorial in the works for fallen soldiers of Kentucky National Guard.”

A longer version on The State Journal website went on to say: The group’s fundraising effort has seen support from some big names. University of Kentucky coach John Calipari donated $25,000, an amount the Walmart Foundation matched, Witt said. “But there have been smaller efforts too, such as the Harrodsburg middle school student who led an effort to sell T-shirts, raising $5,000. The memorial’s website lists hundreds of donors — businesses, military groups, professional organizations, individuals and city and county governments.”

Anyone who would like to support the Kentucky National Guard Memorial may give to the effort online through PayPal. For information or to donate, visit www.guardmemorial.com.

John Gover