Jan. 25, 2013: Our readers write

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Adventure turned tragic

As I drove down my street recently and stopped at the stop sign on Ky. 1600 to begin my day, I saw two little dogs attempting to cross the road. One was a medium-size Benji-type dog and one was a Jack Russell.

Best friends out on a big adventure. You could tell by the spring in their step, it was a great morning for an adventure.

My immediate reaction was, oh no, they are going to get hit.

And there you were, driving too fast in your SUV — you know who you are.

You did not have to hit them, there was nothing coming. You barreled right through both of them and just kept going. Didn’t bother to see if you could help. You meant to hit them, didn’t you?

Yes, I saw you, a despicable human being.

The little Benji dog died on impact. I wrapped my scarf around the Jack Russell and ran to the nearest house. It was not their dog. It died in my arms.

Don’t you dare tell me those dogs should not have been in the road. If it were a child who wandered out into the road, do you have the right to barrel it over because you think you own the road? No. You have an obligation to respect a life and try to preserve life, whether dog or human.

I hope you recognize yourself and find what you did so disgusting that you actually become a human being again.

Sandy Wallace

No discounts for our protectors

While dining the other night in Elizabethtown, I notice a Kentucky state trooper and his family who were ready to pay for their meal. I listened very closely to the waitress as she told the young man with a wife and three children that they only gave Army people discounts and “no, they did not give state police discounts.”

As I heard this, I could not believe it. Here our Kentucky State Police post is right there in Elizabethtown and yet we cannot give them a discount. How absurd.

I think it is sad the restaurants cannot or will not give Kentucky State Police discounts, even if he showed proof, but will let military people get a discount. Our Kentucky State Police put their lives on the line every day to protect us and yet we can’t or won’t give back in such a small way.

I wish I could have afforded to buy that police officer’s supper. I sure would have.

I think of all places, especially Hardin County, should give Kentucky state troopers discounts.

Nannette Bates