Jan. 26, 2014: Our readers write

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Bob Moore

Tax form includes spot for donation

As residents of Hardin County begin preparing their 2013 taxes, I would like to remind you that your Kentucky taxes offers you an opportunity to help secure money for the political party of your choice with absolutely no cost to you.

The Kentucky Political Party Tax Check Off allows Kentuckians to make an investment in the political party of their choice by simply making a checkmark on their Kentucky Income Tax Form under the heading “Political Party Fund.” By checking this box, you give permission for the Commonwealth of Kentucky to give $2 to the political party you have designated — $1.50 will be kept at the state level and 50 cents will be given to the county party headquarters.

The Political Party Check Off does not raise the amount you pay or decrease your refund.

If all registered voters in Hardin County took advantage of this program, the funds allocated to each political party would make a great impact on the operating budgets. In the course of a year, the Democratic and Republican parties incur seldom recognized expenses such as maintaining a float for community events, insurance premiums, rent and utilities for a headquarters facility during the months prior to an election, political materials and advertisement in various media. The money provided by the Kentucky Political Party Tax Check Off will go a long way in helping us to meet these expenses.

This year before signing your tax forms, check to make sure you have designated $2 to be given to the political party of your choice. I assure you, your party chairman will appreciation your participation in the program.

Bob Moore, chairman

HardinCountyDemocratic Executive Committee