Jan. 7, 2013: Our readers write

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Expressing thanks for EMS, hospital

On Dec. 11, I fell on the ice and injured my back and my head. I was bleeding profusely and could not get up. Fortunately, someone called 911.

EMS came almost immediately and very professionally took over. They lifted me on the gurney without further injury to my back, slowed the bleeding from my head, talked to me to keep me from passing out and I was soon at the hospital emergency room.

The care and concern shown by Dr. Asad Javed and his entire staff was wonderful. The nurses, the X-ray technicians, the lab technicians and particularly the skilled person (I do not have her name) who put in staples to close my head wound all deserve special thanks.

I hope people realize what a jewel we have in Hardin Memorial Hospital. It ranks with the very best. We are so fortunate.

Bill Swope