Jan. 9, 2012: Our readers write

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Discriminatory policy?
With the recent start of alcohol sales in Hardin County, I have seen some very disturbing signs of racism at the places where it will be sold.
In every store offering beer or other alcoholic beverages, you can see signs which clearly state, “No alcohol sold without a photo ID.” This is clearly an effort by the Democrat-controlled Commonwealth of Kentucky to suppress alcohol sales to minorities, the elderly, students and other groups.
Obviously, this is not needed to prevent sales of alcohol to minors any more than it would be to prevent voter fraud by requiring the same when voting at the polling booth.
Just think, how many homeless veterans would be denied the comfort of an otherwise legal beverage because of this unreasonable requirement? How many of the poor who cannot afford a state ID will be unable to buy alcohol as well?
Kentucky’s new secretary of state, Alison Lundergan Grimes, has been very clear in opposing the requirement that photo identifications be shown to vote and has worried about how it would disenfranchise many. So it is only reasonable to assume that something much less important than voting should not require a higher standard.
So, I ask everyone to contact their state representatives and ask that this gross injustice be righted. Insist that the same degree of care should be used for controlling the sales of alcohol and voting.
Kenneth L. Randall

Race games
Rick Santorum was labeled a racist for recent remarks he made about blacks. Because of the truth in what he said, I don’t see racism. White conservatives can count on being called racist during this presidential administration. Attacks against Herman Cain likely were crucial calculations to eliminate him to allow liberals to play race games more easily and brand republicans and tea party participants like Santorum as white racists.
No government worker pays enough taxes to support his or her own job. Most black middle class families either currently serve or have served in government careers. President Lyndon Johnson’s 1960’s “War on Poverty” was really socioeconomic slavery, extortion, and addiction. Massed black votes for Democrats in each election were the goal. It was calculated that most blacks will protect their well-paying government jobs and vote for those who stated they would create more.
Ronald Reagan cut wasteful government jobs, cleaned up the economic mess left by Jimmy Carter and caused housing loan rates to be lowered enough to allow more people to buy homes, but still was declared a racist. Why weren’t liberals attacked for promoting dubious, unsustainable, high paying government jobs and draining the tax base? These jobs then primarily were offered to blacks and other minorities who wanted to genuinely improve their lot in life. Santorum understood the situation, saw the real racism and addressed it.
Santorum’s statement that many blacks are being supported with other people’s money was accurate. Middle class black Americans still are largely dependent upon government jobs. Obama’s desire to create jobs but refusal to let private sector sources produce them means that increased government jobs supported by legally taking money from others with increased taxes is what he wants. Santorum was accused of racism for telling it like this black writer and many others see it.
Finally, let’s go back to Herman Cain. Cain is a high profile black man with a great career track record in the private sector. He might have addressed that issue, produced a solution had he become President, and inspired a social revolution. The DNC liberals knew that and attacked Cain like Winston Churchill went after the Bismarck.
Harry M. Braxton Jr.