July 11, 2013: Our readers write

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Respectful policy for veterans

Recently, I was asked my opinion on what I thought about the passing of Senate Bill 150.

If you are not familiar, it’s a bill in which a veteran who can show that he or she, in the course of their military service, has taken sufficient firearms training course is eligible to apply for a concealed deadly weapons license without taking a course through a state-certified instructor. Background checks still will be done just like any citizen and all concealed carry deadly weapon laws still would apply.

I was asked if I was upset about the upcoming decline in business because I am a certified CCDW instructor. My reply to this simply was no. I’m all for it!

Being a military brat I’ve always held veterans up on a pedestal for their service to our country. The U.S. military is the most well-trained and well-organized fighting force in the world and I’m glad Kentucky recognizes it.

I believe it’s a great idea and I applaud state Sen. Dennis Parrett for sponsoring the bill. As a military brat himself, I know the respect he shows for veterans and it shows that Kentucky in general supports veterans and wants them to be safe.

Thank you, Sen. Parrett. Great idea.

Joshua Lindblom