July 25, 2008: Our readers write

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Letters to the editor

By The Staff

Gaining insight from U.S. war history

With all the talk about bringing our troops home, I can’t understand why no one wants to look at the result of similar wars involving the USA in the past.

The Korean War. We wanted out and reached a peace agreement which resulted in two Koreas. South Korea became very prosperous and is a relatively staunch ally. North Korea has remained a very outspoken enemy of the USA, without experiencing the grown of the South, and now is looking to us for aid. The freedom of and alliance with South Korea was attained with the help of our efforts.

Then we became involved in Vietnam. South Vietnam advanced economically, but we wanted out. No agreement was ever reached; we just left. All Vietnam returned to its original condition with apparent hatred of the USA. We didn’t achieve anything for our efforts in that cut-short conflict except to increase animosity.

When we leave Iraq, and we will leave, what will we find our efforts have achieved? Will we be satisfied?

If we look back to the World Wars, we can see that a job not completed must be done over if satisfaction is to be achieved.

We became involved in World War I. When victory was reached by our allies and us, we withdrew totally from involvement in the area. A few years later in World War II, we had to go back and fight the same enemy as before, except it had a new leadership.

When this war ended with victory, we stayed involved. The defeated countries because friends of the U.S. But now, that friendship seems to be slipping away. Is it maybe because we have become a totally self-centered people that nobody can like? We wind up in conflicts and do not have the stamina or backbone to complete any task these conflicts create. Does this create or maintain respect?

For whatever reason, the United States became involved in Iraq, we as a people have taken on a task. By completing the job, we can help Iraq attain the ability to control itself without a tyrant leader and a solid friend of the U.S. might be gained.

Ralph Leach

Eastview   Looking after wants, ignoring others

Good for you guys at The News-Enterprise for bringing to light the plight of the elderly and poor. Are there any of your readers who find themselves with much more wealth than they really need? Surely there are many among us who can afford to be very generous and help out with basic necessities for these folks who are behind the power curve.

It’s so easy to say, “Oh, someone will help them; I need to take care of my family’s future.”

We need a Field of Dreams to feed the elderly it seems to me. And how much is it going to cost taxpayers in Hardin County to build these new county buildings that are going to cost much more than anticipated due to rising costs of materials?

We better take the money and fix roads and bridges especially where hazardous freight is going through small towns.

It appears that with the increasing costs of necessities, maybe unneeded projects might need to be put on hold in our county.

God helps those who helps themselves, and their communities as well.

Donnah Lee

Vine Grove