July 25, 2012: Our readers write

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New sports park is a ‘financial folly’

Sunday’s sneering editorial by The News-Enterprise’s editorial board stated it was time to move beyond the debate about honesty and integrity in our city government and enjoy our new $30 million sports park because of the quality of life it affords our children. Of course, children often are used by shyster politicians as a shield to promote and defend reckless taxation.
The News-Enterprise further attempts to shame its readership into accepting this morally challenged project by alleging it will fill local hotels, and we should all be more appreciative of how the park’s $1.4 million annual expense will be covered by rental fees. I sure hope the park gets busy because that means it must generate gross revenues of $30,000 per week for each of 52 weeks in the year.
The News-Enterprise also preaches that, as a taxpayer, I should jump for joy when city government fabricates annual reports telling me how much money the park is making. Truth is, even if a fourth-grader does the math, there is no way the park will ever pay for itself; but, we will, as taxpayers.
The E’town Sports Park is a colossal financial folly, a drain on our resources that only benefits the local motel operators and the generously paid staff of the Tourism Bureau who, of course, answer to no one except the mayor.
Bill Michael