July 27, 2008: Our readers write

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Letters to the editor

By The Staff

Show of force

Recently I heard a radio talk show host disagree with George Bush’s decision to attend the Beijing Olympics. He opined that leaders of the free world should not go because of the Chinese government’s record of abusing human rights. He later said he wouldn’t go if he could but would watch it from his home. How bold of him.

I have to agree that Bush will botch an opportunity to do the right thing, but in this case all of us have a chance to make a statement.

The talking head found it easy to be critical but was oblivious to the role he’ll play in supporting the Beijing government. I suspect Chinese leaders will closely monitor how many viewers are watching their world-show.

If millions of individuals ignore televised Olympic events, it might push China’s leaders toward reexamining their policies.

If it does not already exist, an Internet site that would allow people to pledge not to watch Olympics 2008 could send a strong message even before the ratings start coming in.

K.G. Anderson

White Mills

City won’t be hiring, tourism bureau will

Thursday’s headline, “City seeks sports and sales director” is misleading, and what’s more, the decision to hire someone for this position before the November elections is a very bad idea.

First, the city of Elizabethtown has absolutely no control over decisions made by the tourism bureau and certainly we taxpayers have no voice. If we did, the tourism building would not be painted such a garish color.

Truth is, every dime collected by the restaurant tax, which is a tax on all prepared food even from the grocery deli, is by law supposed to go directly to the tourism board, and the city has zero control over it. So for a headline to say that the city seeks a sports and sales director is misleading, even irresponsible, because it implies the city has some control over how taxpayer money is spent. There is no such control, except that the mayor appoints people to the tourism board, and knowing how well the mayor and city council listened to the public when this tax was being considered is proof positive that we will have no voice over how food tax money is spent, which leads me to my second and bigger concern with Thursday’s headline.

There should be no one hired for the tourism board using food tax money until after the November elections. Sure, the voters may decide to re-elect the same mayor and city council members who brought us the food tax, but maybe not. Maybe the taxpayers, who have had to wait all this time to finally have a say on the tax, will let their voices be heard by firing the mayor and three council members who supported this tax on food, and maybe even the three who did very little to stop it. Voters aren’t to be ignored.

Alan Laslie

Elizabethtown   Experience required

So now Sen. Obama is on an overseas tour, complete with three news network anchors and his press corps entourage, to fawn on him each step of the way. What none of them seems to bother to asking is a pretty obvious question. “How is this man qualified to be President of the United States?”

Would any lawyer with such a thin resume even be considered to head a large law firm, much less a CEO of a corporation?

For those who want to check out the facts, Ron Kessler of Newsmax.com recently published “Obama’s Inexperience Tough to Ignore.” It notes how as a state and U.S. senator, Obama’s favorite vote, when he bothered to show up, was “present.” His limited courtroom experience, along with his ineffective efforts in such community projects such as asbestos removal from the Altgeld Apartments in Chicago, also were held up as reasons for doubt.

This comes back to my original question: How is this man qualified to be president of the United States? Is it enough to be handsome, glib and charming? Is it enough to be willing to change one’s positions to suit the audience? Will being able to give a good speech with the aid of a TelePrompTer cut it? Is removing the American flag from the campaign plane as reported in WorldNetDaily.com and replacing it with the Obama “O” prior to going on the tour a plus for being president? Is he ashamed of the flag?

This nation is facing some very real problems with our economy, high gasoline and food prices and the Global War on Terror. We need a strong, experienced leader like Sen. John McCain to lead us in these tough times, not a cult leader.

Alma Medley