July 27, 2014: Our readers write

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Animal Control explains efforts

I am writing in response to the letter of concern about fees paid by Fort Knox residents to the Hardin County Animal Shelter when reclaiming their dog or cat.

Hardin County Animal Control does not charge soldiers who live on Fort Knox a $142 fee to reclaim their dog or cat from our shelter. The only charge to a soldier reclaiming their pet from our shelter is the first time reclaim fee of $35. Any fees associated with housing Fort Knox animals at our shelter are paid by Knox Hills.

Our shelter charges $35 for a first-time reclaim fee to anyone who reclaims their animal regardless if they live on Fort Knox, Hardin County, LaRue County or any state within the United States.

Knox Hills purchased additional dog kennels and cat cages for our shelter to house animals from Fort Knox, so there is room for its animals at our shelter.

Our shelter began housing all Fort Knox animals on June 13, 2014. To date, only two Fort Knox animals were euthanized due to disease; all other animals have been adopted or are still housed here at the shelter.

If we look at total animals from Hardin and LaRue counties, our euthanasia rate for cats so far this year (January through May 2014) is 43 percent, which is still much higher than we want. Our euthanasia rate for dogs is 14 percent and all dogs euthanized were non-adoptable pets due to disease or aggressive behavior. Let me assure everyone that we are working short term and long term to reduce this number every day.

Our staff of paid professionals and volunteers works hard every single day to adopt out animals to good homes and to transport our animals to rescues across the country. Careless rumors on Facebook and the Internet could lead people to view our shelter in a negative way and lower our adoption rates.

If anyone has any questions about how many animals are adopted monthly, our fees or any questions concerning the shelter, you are welcome to visit our shelter or contact me by phone. We are very open about what we do and find it difficult to deal with rumors and not real facts.

Please remember to spay/neuter your pet. It is the only way your animal shelter will achieve its goal to completely eliminate the euthanasia of our pets.

Gerald Foley

Hardin County Animal Control Director