July 3, 2009: Our readers write

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By The Staff

Divided we fall

Elizabethtown’s illustrious Mr. Harry Braxton has no peers, when it comes to undermining President Obama. It sounds as if he might be one who might be a part of an assassination committee even, with his last comment. Someone with this much venom toward a president who took on national problems from previous administrations, needs to get some mental and spiritual help from a professional, soon.

Maybe there is something missing in his life that makes him need to vent his spleen so viciously. If he’d said all this when President Bush was in command, he would probably be put on the “list of probable terrorists.” He’d better heed the motto, “United we stand, divided we fall,” because my friends, with petty assassins scattered out in this country sans sheets, all of us are put in jeopardy.

Folks like Ahmadinejad just love to hear a lot of dissension in our ranks, especially treasonous voices.

As we are pulling out of a war we should never have become involved in, I hope we have learned a good lesson. An elite corps of professionals, slipping silently into the night to locate and execute the likes of Obama bin Ladin and other scoundrels is much smarter, and less costly, than a lot of saber-rattling and beating the bushes. We find, in cultures in the Middle East, it was akin to taking a baseball bat and attacking bee hives. So, could the likes of our esteemed Mr. Braxton address his own shortcoming before President Obama’s? I’m sure he’ll find plenty to occupy his alleged mind.

Donnah Lee

Vine Grove