July 3, 2012: Our readers write

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Fourth of July suggestion

I believe this is a special occasion. I should take the time to write to my senators and representative to express my views on current topics.

It doesn’t matter how brief the communication, but it is most important that I make the effort. They need to know that I am involved.

Jim Hatcher



Americans shouldn’t have to buy health care insurance

I have been on kidney dialysis for the past 12 years after the birth of my daughter. I have had trouble getting health coverage and still am not fully covered.

This new Obamacare that President Barack Obama is trying to pass is not fair to Americans. We should not have to pay and be forced as citizens of this country to pay for health insurance.

When President George W. Bush was in office, he made mistakes like all the rest. But at least we got a stimulus check two times. I haven’t seen one in the four years Obama has been in office.

Bush at least tried to help the needy and not cater to the rich. Sure, rich people can already afford health insurance but they probably figured they don’t need because they already have money.

What about the poor? What about those who can’t afford to pay?

Health insurance should be free for the American people who were born in this country. We should not have buy it when over half of Americans live in poverty.

Wake up, Congress, and treat us like we belong in this country. We used to be one nation under God. Now we are one government going straight to hell.

Teresa Omlor



Animal cruelty

The person who poisoned the dog on Wilma Street in Radcliff not only killed a wonderful dog, but broke the hearts of three children.

She was a good dog that loved the children and never hurt anyone. They do not understand how someone could be so cruel.

Mary Yunker