July 3, 2014: Our readers write

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Candidate responds to news article

After reading the June 20 article about me declining an invitation to attend a Sept. 20 NAACP event on Fort Knox planned by that organization and reading the comments by Hardin County NAACP President Marcus Ray and Democratic candidate for Hardin County sheriff, John Ward, I decided to specifically respond to some of the comments and issues pertaining to that article.

John Ward’s law-enforcement credentials were mentioned but mine weren’t until near the end of the article. As a retired deputy sheriff, I know the Kentucky use of force law (KRS 503) and made no statements contrary to it. I’m also an active-duty Army retiree who knows about military installation firearms laws. Those were the laws which I was referring to in that Facebook comment about not being able to carry my pistol to equalize things if I got attacked at that function. So I made a responsible choice to not attend the event rather than being either defenseless in the midst of a large possibly hostile crowd due to federal mandate or being non-compliant with Fort Knox laws, going to jail and being barred from military installations forever whenever I was released. Really easy choice.

I consider Hardin County the safest place I’ve ever lived. Since 1992, I’ve attended many annual small-town community events all over Hardin County and have worn dresses, blonde wigs, a coconut bra, fishnet stockings and other absurd attire; along with other first responders, at the Cecilia Day “Almost Talent Show” for years. On that day, there’s no law against ugly in Cecilia.

Can John Ward put himself in the shoes of a black Republican at a NAACP event? Fort Knox mandates no guns on post except for either hunting or shooting at French Range. Potential assailants would know that my only self-defense options would be hand to hand. Imagine one or more subjects getting drunk and either “beating down” a gray-haired “uncle tom” Republican or deciding to “take one for team Obama” which resulted in an incident screwing up my military retirement privileges on post and getting me arrested. I’m not stupid enough to put myself out there when I don’t need to. I don’t believe that John Ward would sanction it but someone else might do it just to give him an easy victory over a Republican.

In the same email message, I’d also told the NAACP that I won’t seek any political endorsements. My personal views don’t coincide with NAACP national-evel activities. I don’t want to be linked to them just because of the color of my skin. I’m tired of the liberal race games played since 2008 and don’t want to be caught up in one.

May all Hardin County voters as individuals judge both me and John Ward by our qualifications, experience and conduct during this campaign and vote accordingly.

Harry M. Braxton Jr.