July 31, 2008: Our readers write

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By The Staff

Opportunity is knocking

The quality of life a community experiences and its continued improvement is dependent upon growth. With consistent growth, employment opportunities are  plentiful and shopping for goods and services is wide ranging. Our community is blessed to have experienced excellent growth for two primary reasons. Those reasons are two types of infrastructure. This infrastructure is first, Fort Knox and second, our location at the intersection of Interstate 65, Blue Grass Parkway, Western Kentucky Parkway, U.S. 31W and Ky. 62. The axiom, “location location, location” is very important for many businesses and the continued growth and success of most cities.   

These two forms of infrastructure have served for years to provide economic stimulus to Hardin County. Many businesses have chosen to locate here because of our location and major corporations examine the total offerings of a community it considers moving to. Over the years hundreds of thousands of military personnel have shopped here and many have returned to reside here. 

We need to appreciate that comprehensive and excellent infrastructure is key to bringing people and businesses and thus revenue, both permanent or temporarily, into our community.

Much has been written lately of the surge of revenue resulting from the recent baseball tournaments, golf tournament, wakeboarding and musical events. With the implementation of the food tax and plans for a world-class athletic complex, we can continue to build the type of infrastructure which will provide these economic benefits.

With a sports complex built with the future in mind, major soccer, tennis, baseball and softball tournaments are only the beginning of what other activities this facility will be available to host. It will be a serious attraction for businesses considering relocation in Hardin County. 

It is easy to take the moral high ground and call foul over the city’s food tax. It is far more important to engage in what you can do to help build the community.

Consider yourself a partner in building the home community for your children as hundreds of people stop daily to eat and assist in building our infrastructure. A virtual stream of revenue is pouring in due simply to our location. Growth is the key. When opportunity knocks, open the door.          

Jim Black


Commercial is insulting

There has been a commercial running for the past several weeks claiming one lobbyist was responsible for the continued rise in Kentucky’s tax on gasoline. My question is, how did one person pass this tax?

I thought that state senators and representatives who make up the legislature were responsible for passing laws.

I also was under the impression that the political position that the two candidates are running for is in U.S. Senate.

Commercials such as these are an insult to the intelligence of the people of Kentucky. I am only interested in a candidate who is willing to tell me what his ideas are to improve the dire situation we are in at this time.

Politicians need to stop the mud- slinging mentality and quit insulting us. It is time that we take back the responsibility as voters and take a real interest in who we elect to represent us.

D. Petry