July 6, 2014: Our readers write

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Apt tribute to young victim

Brianna Taylor: I did not know this young, beautiful, warm lady until Monday morning. She was just another innocent young person whom we read about in the paper, who had her life cut short by a selfish, uncaring drunk who thought he could get behind the wheel of a car and drive. I did not know Brianna until I listened with my family to “The Spirit of Number 5.” Now, my heart, and the hearts of my family feel as if we have lost a daughter, a sister, a friend.

When is the jstice system going to do more? DUIs falling off the record is a crime in itself. People, we truly need to force our legislators to do more about these repeated, heinous crimes. Plea bargaining is not the solution.

If you haven’t already, go to YouTube and listen and look at, with intensity, what each and every one of you could one day face. “The Spirit of Number 5” is not just a song. It’s the story of a beautiful young woman, who never will be afforded the things we take for granted every day.

She now will never know motherhood, new friendships, morning sounds, the pleasure of being with friends and family, the simple, and most important things we all take for granted.

Know this, Brianna, you will always be in my heart and the hearts of my family. Sleep peacefully, young lady. For now you will know a peace and happiness not found on this planet. We will miss you.

Richard Flora

Calling for traffic signals

A traffic light is needed at Patriot Park­way and Deckard School Road.

On my first trip on the new road as I approached Deckard School Road, a pickup truck came scooting out in my lane and suddenly backed up.

Also, a light should be installed at the intersection of Ky. 1600 at Patriot Parkway.

Why spend the money for a highway and not complete it properly with lights for safety of the people?

Wilma Claggett

Hugs make all the difference

I read, enjoyed and agree with the recent article, “Lesson about the power and importance of a hug” by David Whitlock. I am guilty when I visited a nursing home facility of passing by someone sitting in a wheelchair because I do not know them or think they do not know me. I know how much a hug means to myself, whether it be from my family or a friend. It makes us feel loved no matter what age you might be.

I plan to be more attentive to those around me that may not get a hug very often, whether it be a nursing home, assisted living home, my church family young and old, a friend or even my own family. It is so easy to hug the babies and the children. This world needs more love and hugs to the lovely and unlovely. Jesus tells us to love our neighbor as ourselves.

So if you see me out and around and I think you need a hug, you just might get one.

I personally like to be hugged. If someone does not want to be hugged, just say consider yourself hugged, smile and go on your way.

Have a wonderful, huggable day.

JoAnn Taul