July 7, 2013: Our readers write

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A difficult choice

Enthusiasm, for the Elizabethtown/Hardin County Industrial Foundation: This word defines Tim Walker’s too-short tenure as our mayor. Our residents have seen the benefits of having a city administration that places a priority on economic development. Flex Films, Quest USA and a number of other projects have and are moving forward in Elizabethtown thanks to having Mayor Walker as part of our team. His passion for creating jobs and enthusiastic, hands-on approach in welcoming and working with prospective businesses has placed us on an accelerated path of economic growth and prosperity.

Momentum: That word describes what we have as we mourn the untimely death of Mayor Walker. There are a number of active projects and initiatives Walker was working with us on. It is imperative that whoever is appointed as our next mayor be ready to hit the ground running. Business opportunities don’t wait and we need their immediate help in building relationships and closing deals.

The city plays two key roles in our ability to attract and grow jobs. First, it’s about making it easy to do business in Elizabethtown. City government must continue to remove obstacles and provide fiscally sound incentives for companies considering us as a location. City Hall has a culture of being business friendly. We need the next mayor to support this culture. Secondly, local government must invest in the amenities companies expect for their workforce. That’s why quality-of-life initiatives, such as Walker’s vision for the revitalization of downtown, must continue. We need the next mayor to find innovative ways to make Elizabethtown stand out among a crowded field of communities anxious for new investment and jobs.

We support the council’s effort in making this extremely important decision for our community and we look forward to having the next mayor as part of our team.

R. Gregory Jenkins
Chairman of Board
Elizabethtown/Hardin County Industrial Foundation

Berger for Mayor

Councilwoman Edna Berger is well suited to serve the remainder of the late Mayor Tim Walker’s term. She has exhibited many of his same traits that were highly lauded, such as love of our town and its people, ability to successfully work with others who might not share the same opinion, and the desire to see our part of the world grow and prosper. Not only is she capable and dedicated, but she is accessible regardless of wealth or status. We need her kind of leadership.

Nedra Charbonneau