July 8, 2009: Our readers write

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By The Staff

Do you really want to be green?

Green ideologues, such as our first green president, are bursting with impatience beginning to dictate with force of law your mobility, diet, home energy uses, the size of your house, how far you can travel and eventually how many children you can have.

Being green is about your carbon footprint. I have tried to summarize being green into categories ranging from 1+ to 4+.

n 4+ These people believe the best footprint is no footprint. The Volunteer Human Extinction Organization maintains the only way the other species on earth can survive is if we destroy the human species. The 4+ category advocates abortion and euthanasia. Like Obama let slip, “give them (old people) pain pills instead of surgery.”

n  3+ Those in the 3+ category are against the use of fossil fuels, oil, coal and natural gas, which supplies 75 percent of our energy. They are also against renewal energy such as solar and wind because that would upset the environment. No nuclear because it’s too dangerous. There would be no place to put nuclear waste. Obama just did away with funding of the Nevada Yucca Mountain nuclear waste facility. People in 3+ category will do whatever they can to decrease our economy. The more our economy produces, the more we consume, the more we harm the earth. Therefore, we must produce less.

n 2+ The 2+ are the dos and don’ts. They would have us turn the thermostat down, take cold showers, use less air conditioning, dry clothes on a clothesline, use “smart” meter monitoring of energy use in every home, drive smaller cars, avoid imported foods, bring our own bags to the supermarket, buy energy efficient light bulbs, use cloth diapers and push mowers, pay more for “fair trade coffee” and vacation closer to home. All of these will have you living smaller, more inconvenient, more uncomfortable, more expensive, less enjoyable and less hopeful lives.

n 1+  1+ would like to have clean water and air, have trash picked up, maintain our land so as to be productive, do what we can to beautify nature and improve our lives.

Make no mistake. Living green is about someone else micromanaging your life, bringing about a planned new social order for which we never bargained, living under clean management and having the boundaries of our lives drawn by others.

If you really want to be green, don’t go beyond a 1+.

Larry J. Hall