June 1, 2008: Our Readers Write

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Letters to the Editor

By The Staff


Take serious measures to conserve energy

Our problems with gas prices are very important and the people and the government are not even addressing the basic problems, or doing anything to solve them. The important problem is, we don't have enough oil to meet the world’s demand. Our economy is basically sound, but we face a disastrous economy if oil prices continue upward.

Politicians talk about suspending the gas tax for a few months, or using oil reserves which are there for an emergency. Neither of these would have much effect on price and any effect would be very short term.  Congress has investegated oil companies for eight years and nothing has resulted.

For the short term, we need to take serious measures to conserve energy. We have been wasteful with our energy. We had the average miles per gallon  increasing in the 1980’s and with relaxed regulations on the auto industry, prices started back down.

We must require new cars get more MPG. We could save millions of gallons per day by driving 60 miles per hour on interstates. We need to make more use of mass transportation. We must keep our vehicles tuned up, tires properly inflated and drive fewer miles. We must not drive ten miles each way to save ten cents a gallon, or leave our vehicles running while we are quickly shopping.

 It would be helpful if all celebrities who profess concern about the environment, would give up their private jets. Even Al Gore and Barbra Streisand could ride first class. We cannot continue our wasteful ways and correct the economy.

For the midterm, we must use the oil we have. Had Clinton not vetoed exploration in Alaska in 1995, we would now be receiving more than 1 billion barrels a day. While other countries are leasing offshore locations for exploration, we are doing nothing. We have not built a new oil refinery in 30 years. Our demand goes up and our production goes down.

The long term answer is alternative energy. We need to do a lot of research, but for several years, oil will be important. It’s essential that we conserve and make use of oil we have without destroying our environment,  and that is a lot of oil.

Bill Ball

Elizabethtown   Absence of marching band at parade shameful

For the second year in a row, the absence of a single Hardin County marching band in the American Legion Post No. 113 of Elizabethtown Memorial Day parade is shameful and a disgrace to our surviving and departed veterans of Hardin County. The principals, band directors and students of local high schools need to be accountable for this lack of respect and patriotic pride in our veterans.

Bruce G. Fonda