June 12: Our readers write

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By The Staff

OPEC should be grateful for U.S.

What to do about oil prices? I have heard suggestions such as: tax the oil companies, investigate the oil companies and regulate the oil companies ... all political jargon for doing nothing ... but making common citizens feel like the politicians are working hard.

If the United States is an empire, even though we didn’t vote on such, it should act like an empire. The British and Romans never fought a war or occupied a country without getting paid through tribute or taxation. We have been fighting OPEC’s wars for the last decade at the American taxpayers expense and with American blood. The only thanks we have received is they have raised oil prices to the highest levels in history and then some. OPEC can produce oil at any price and they set the price. We should send them a bill for the services we have rendered on their behalf, and they can either lower oil prices or pay up — and we have th ability to collect.

But no, we don’t do this. George Bush goes to Saudi Arabia and begs them to lower the price of oil and they raise it instead. Most of the oil producing countries are Sunni and we are in Iraq fighting the Shiite trying to control Iran. If we weren't doing this, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan and other Sunni countries would have to. So we are continuing to fight their battles. They should be a little bit grateful.

Larry J. Hall


Editor’s note: The above letter originally was published  May 22. Through the editing process, the writer’s intent  inadvertently was changed. This is the letter as Larry J. Hall intended it to read.


Letter meant to serve as warning

I received a call from a gentleman that said he was a retired truck driver and give me his opinion of why we would never get Volkswagen manufacturing facilities. In summary, his opinion was because they are union.

 On June 5, 2008, there was a letter that stated I indicated that the government should utilize eminent domain to seize land. I believe my letter used the word could.

 In an earlier letter, I wrote of the Kelo v. New London decision of the Supreme Court, where it ruled that the government could acquire private property and turn it over to developers. I further stated that this should make landowners, etc. nervous. In the next sentence or two there was a warning to users of eminent domain to “be careful.” Maybe that wasn’t specific enough to display what I think of using eminent domain.

Bill Beckerdite


Acts of Bush, Cheney deserve legal action

The crimes committed by President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney are far greater than any that other presidents have been subjected to impeachment proceedings. None of the others committed treason by releasing the name of an American intelligence agent. None of the others gave no-bid contracts worth billions of dollars and with no requirements for accountability to companies to which they had ties.

These are just two of the reasons why Bush and Cheney should be impeached.

Glen Norman