June 13 Property Transfers

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By The Staff

The following property transfers are listed as given on deeds at the Hardin County Clerk’s Office in Elizabethtown.

Stephen K. II and Amy C. Hymel to Donald Phillips and Theresa A. Hubbard, 128 Creekview lane, Rineyville, $157,000.

Kelly M. Ponder to Bertina Rowlett, 514 Lee Road, Elizabethtown, $73,500.

Estate of Emogene W. Nicely to Milton T. Jr. and Kim R. McCary, 510 Langley Trace, Elizabethtown, $280,000.

Pools Plus Inc. to TDA Properties Inc., 2628 Ring Road, Elizabethtown, $2,066,000.

Sunstar Properties LLC to TDA Properties Inc., 1113 Alex Drive, Elizabethtown, $100,000.

Gordon and Bernett Board to Jessie L. Cowley, lot 7 Pony Chase Subdivision, county, $28,000.

Larry Neal and Dawn R. Bland to Victor and Dana Farr, 193 Raintree Drive, Elizabethtown, $318,000.

Vista Homes Inc. to Frederick Hayes, 113 Heather Court, Radcliff, $112,500.

Oscar Tucker Jr., Latanya Tucker and Denise and Larry Ditto to Chad and Jamira Turner, 630 Potomac Court, Radcliff, $65,000.

Estate of Lisa Williams to Thomas Bingham, 305 Methodist St., Cecilia, no monetary consideration. FMV: $120,000.

Household Finance Corp. to Jon and Ashley Vandermolen, 235 Winter Park Place, Elizabethtown, $170,000.

Patrick J. and Karen Appleman to James and Alma Stinson, 202 Poplar Drive, Elizabethtown, $199,500.

Sammy and Martha S. Montgomery to Commonwealth of Kentucky, property in Elizabethtown, $5,300.

Gwendola Pearl McIntire to Commonwealth of Kentucky, property in Elizabethtown, $8,500.

Lucian Y. and Phyllis Moreman to Commonwealth of Kentucky, property in Elizabethtown, $6,000.

Jane and David W. Curneal to Patrick J. and Karen M. Appleman, 1512 Manchester Drive, Elizabethtown, $345,400.

Chris G. and Betty J. Pickerell to Chris G. and Betty J. Pickerell and Nancy Morgan, 219 Bryan St., Elizabethtown, no monetary consideration. FMV: $174,000.

Kevin M. and Heather G. Warrell to Jimmie Lee Wood III, lot 68 Cardinal Creek Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $141,700.

Kimberly Morgan to A&E Rickett Properties LLC, property on Browns Court, Radcliff, $190,000.

Deshmukh Holding LLC to SH&H Holdings LLC, 302 Crabapple, Elizabethtown, $20,000;201 Chandler Street, Elizabethtown, $30,000; property on Bewley Hollow Road, county, $22,500; 1107 Woodland Drive, Elizabethtown, $275,000; property on Edgewater Drive, county, $47,500; 109 Fairview Ave., county, $75,000; and property on Lincoln Parkway, Elizabethtown, $300,000.

Annette M. and Scott J. Hopkins to Eracrito and Ana Guichardo, 100 Woodsway Drive, Elizabethtown, $270,000.

Louis and Ruth Roman to Eric T. and Jennifer Y. Robinson, 827 Edgebrook Drive, Vine Grove, $124,900.

Estate of Lyle Voss to Joe M. and Mildred Williams, 1595 Redbud Circle, Radcliff, $121,000.

Brian J. Fretschel and Terri Lea Fretschel to Carl A. II and Nakesha Millsap, 1301 Jacob Court, Radcliff, $174,900.

Paula A. and Jaycee Hollins to Gregory and Mahalia Hampton, 1332 Wingard Drive, Radcliff, $138,000.

Pence Leasing LLC to Sugar Mill Properties LLC, 109 E. Memorial Drive, Elizabethtown, $650,000.

Marion and Sabrina Dennison to Nicki J. Clark, 612 El Dorado Drive, Elizabethtown, $194,500.

BCC Enterprises and Properties Inc., to Jose B. and Alma N. Saldana, property in Hardin County, $190,000.

Raymond and Traci L. Beckwith to Henrietta Fraze, 3384 Bardstown Road, Elizabethtown, $109,750.

Bruce and Beverly Beasley to Jeffery N. and Karole B. Kidd, 1407 Cornwall Ave., Elizabethtown, $278,000.

Dale M. Wilbur to Charles Rutzen and Sara L. Abramson, property in Elizabethtown, $135,000.

A&K Custom Homes Inc., to Thomas A. Jr. and Debbria A. Mills, 338 Wingate Road, Elizabethtown, $149,900.

Double L Construction and Homebuilding LLC to Chesteen Alvey, 62 Apollo Road, Cecilia, $155,150.

Lacona P. and James E. Haggan to Mary Helen Ballenger, 102 Dixon Ave., Elizabethtown, $73,500.

M.E. and Wanda Thomas to R.R. Thomas, property on St. John Road, Elizabethtown, love and affection. FMV: $23,250.

Hardin County Developers Inc. to Howard’s Concrete Construction Inc., 104 Calumet Loop, Elizabethtown, $50,000.

Wendell and Cindy Perkins to William R. Davis, 334 Harness Court, Elizabethtown, $153,000.

Maurice Berger and Cindy Smith to John G. and Tammy Burba, 746 Hutcherson Lane, Elizabethtown, $91,450.

Lewis W. Jr. and Roxanne D. Weeks to Louis and Julia G. Dercqu, 323 Schlaefer Way, Rineyville, $178,000.

M5 LLC to Joe Michael and Cynthia Kamperman Lineberger, 116 Reserve Court, Elizabethtown, $325,500.

Gwendolyn and Arthur Douglas Plant to Thomas and Monique Davis, 104 Wayne Way, Radcliff, $158,000.

Post Cab Company Inc. to Barbara A. and Robert C. Baker II, lot 12, 13, 24 and 25 Redmar Subdivision, $58,000.

Kentucky Heritage Homes LLC to John W. and Karen S. Chenault, lot 11 Chancellor Court, Elizabethtown, $25,400.

Lucas N. and Jennifer E. Sullenbarger to Carl Masters, lot 2 Lou Heights Subdivision, Cecilia, $69,000.