June 14, 2009: Our readers write

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Alma Medley

By The Staff

It’s all in the perspective

It’s not often that I get a good laugh by reading The News Enterprise opinion page, but reading “Outdated Republicans,” (June 3) really did it.

Without any facts and very little reasoning, the writer branded the GOP as being backward and unable to evolve. I am sure anyone taking a look at the Democratic Party would, indeed, be impressed with both their “moral superiority” and how they have been able to “evolve” over the years. From their founding through the Civil War, they held the “enlightened” view that slavery was a perfectly acceptable institution. Yes, I can see how being “pro-choice” was in their genes from the start.

After having lost a war on that point, they spent the next century trying to enforce their own “separate but equal” bigotry using the law to hold down anyone unlucky enough not to be white. They must have developed a taste for racial discrimination, as they introduced affirmative action and quotas under Lyndon B. Johnson, almost as soon as Jim Crow laws were struck down. Since then, they have traded in Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson for Frederick Engels and Karl Marx, with their leaders being more concerned with “spreading the wealth around” and bowing to foreign kings.

Yes, I can understand why the writer sees us as being backward as we use simple common sense in knowing what is right and wrong.

It’s just as wrong to kill 3,000 babies a day in abortion clinics today, as it was to hold black people as slaves in the 1850s. As Republicans, we know that in dealing with Islamic terrorists (who would gladly kill us by the thousands, cutting our heads off with dull knives to make a point), waterboarding isn’t all that bad. We want to be able to work, raise our families and enjoy life without some government worker interfering or taxing us into poverty. As Republicans we have a set of principles that do not change with the blowing of the wind, or the wishes of radical groups who contribute to our party. We know right from wrong.

Given what I have seen of the Democratic Party to date, I have a simple response to “Outdated Republicans”: If that is what passes for culture, give me a club.

Alma Medley