June 15, 2014: Our readers write

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Local doctor shares view on Obamacare

The Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare) is a law that was passed by virtue of bribes and lies. It allows the federal government to run health care just as it runs education, energy, retirement, and our financial system.

Are the American people really willing to turn something as important and personal as our health care over to the federal bureaucrats?

Bright young people are opting out of medicine as a career option as it becomes more evident that lower pay and endless bureaucratic forms will mark the future for doctors. The Independent Payment Advisory Board in the Obamacare law is a death panel, much like standing in line at the VA. The board should be called the euthanasia decision makers.

Is Obamacare working? I just read that healthcare cost increased 9.9 percent for the first quarter of 2014. My best guess is that it is not. Anything that government tries to run generally doesn’t. Socialism does not work. “Capitalism is the only basic institution of modern man that shows any genuine health and vigor.” — H.L. Menckens

Larry J. Hall, M.D.


Making a case for

mass transit locally

A few communities in Kentucky, still awaiting to reach the population size of Elizabethtown’s, already have established public transportation. Questions should be asked about how they had became a success and as well as maintaining it. Successful reasons are said to be completing the community needs, tourism, assisting employment, education and many others.

Elected officials of Hardin County seem to discourage a bus system in any way, most often heard is their concern to lack of funds. Of course, we should remember the grants are available to cover a large amount (50 percent operating expenses and 80 percent capital) followed by the “matching funds” which Lincoln Trail ADD estimated at $585,000 operating expense. Local cost could be divided between four local governments.

Then there can be the “cash box” for bus fare as well the advertisement on the bus providing additional monetary assistance as well.

We always can reduce the budget a little more on our luxuries like the super ballpark ($32 million) and YMCA ($7 million), with the list continuing on.

Another avenue can be taxes though our Judge-Executive Harry Berry apparently overlooks KRS 96A.350, which can provide for a referendum.

Folks often are not convinced of the truth until experience what it is like. So those of us who find it pleasing to operate that helpful car maybe it’s time you hang-up your car keys for two weeks and use that convenient taxi services available or take pleasure in bicycle routes or just walk to that place of need.

Michael Mullarkey