June 17, 2014: Our readers write

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Wondering about JCPS findings

I read with great interest the article in the May 22 issue of The News-Enterprise pertaining to the audit of Jefferson County Public Schools by the state auditor. Based on that article and compared to five other school districts, the auditors found JCPS ranked highest in school administration staff, support staff and instructional aides while ranking at or near the bottom in spending for instruction and teach staffing.

If I hadn’t actually read that article, I would be almost sure they were discussing the Hardin County Schools district.

State Auditor Adam Edelen also stated the report painted a picture of a bureaucracy that benefits itself rather than supports excellence in the classroom and a public mission of transparency and accountability.

That statement also sounds familiar.

Another recent article, a Bluegrass Beacon opinion column by Jim Waters published in the June 1 issue, also was very informative. He stated, “the fact that Kentucky has some of the worst teacher-to-administrator ratios make it a pretty sure bet that JCPS isn’t alone in staff bloat.”

I have talked with several teachers over the past several years and have gotten the impression they feel the situation is much the same in Hardin County. From the people I’ve talked with, the numerous articles I’ve read and news programs I’ve watched in my role as a Hardin County resident and taxpayer, I would tend to agree with that premise and have stated much the same in recent months.

I am not a teacher, but if I was, I would get a group of my fellow teachers and we would have a long discussion with our “representatives” to ascertain if they are doing all they can in Hardin County to ensure the teacher-administrator numbers are fairly balanced and salaries are equitable for teachers.

Common sense would tell you that you hold more power as a group than one per­son writing letters to the newspaper. Sometimes, you must fight for what’s right.

Paul Rose

Thanks from E’town Class of ’77

On behalf of the Elizabethtown High School Class of 1977, we would like to express our sincere appreciation for the support of the Elizabethtown City Council and Mayor Edna Berger as we honored our classmate and former mayor, Tim Walker. The memorial marker and dedication service at Elizabethtown’s lovely Nature Park would not have been possible without their support and guidance.

The teamwork of the Class of ’77 and the city of Elizabethtown speaks to the character Walker modeled so well and so humbly. Walker’s love for Elizabethtown lives on in each of us. Our hope is that his memorial marker will be a reminder to us all to remember what’s important.

Patricia Morgan Dile
Elizabethtown High School Class of 1977