June 21, 2013: Our readers write

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As buses come and go

Of public transportation here in Hardin County, a question needs to be asked: Are we are beating a dead horse?

Yes, a number of transportation studies for well more than a decade show a need for a transit system here in Hardin County — Elizabethtown, Radcliff, Vine Grove and Fort Knox — and found it wanted by the public and feasible to establish.

Why haven’t fixed routes been set up except on paper and buses seen here are just another taxi service limited to the elderly or disabled.

Then BRAC is commended for the continuous changes at Fort Knox and constant growth to neighboring communities.

Fort Knox, which has a population half the size of Radcliff and is far larger in square mileage, is appreciative a shuttle bus has been started though it’s a pity the route doesn’t exceed the security gate into Radcliff.

Is it thought our communities are too small and we shouldn’t have a bus system? Then we should compare cities in Kentucky that have established bus systems — Henderson, Paducah and Maysville, then ask why is Elizabethtown’s population still larger?

Speak to elected officials and ask why luxuries receive favored votes?  Though public transportation costs eight times less than a super ballpark, still often is heard there’s no funding for a bus system. Whatever the luxury project is — The Challenger center, new county offices, the list goes on — funding seems to be a taboo subject.

Which do you favor paying for, ballparks or an economical ride to work?

Now public opinion is needed again for a transportation discussion at 6 p.m. June 27 at Elizabethtown Police Department’s community room. Public opinion is greatly needed and I very much ask the public to attend.  

Michael Mullarkey



We need to clean house

The framers of the U.S. Constitution in Article II provided a wonderful tool to rid the government of corrupt civil officers, regardless of position — impeachment. The House of Representatives in essence brings charges and the Senate holds a hearing. If the officer is found guilty, he or she forfeits the office and there is no appeal within the court system. Impeachment is not a criminal process but a way to constitutionally “fire” a dishonest officer, regardless of his or her federal office.

Lois Lerner, director of the IRS division which singled out conservative groups and who took the 5th Amendment when asked by Congress what role she played in harassing conservatives, is a prime candidate for immediate impeachment in my opinion. She is presently on paid leave. I do not believe it is fair that she is paid by U.S. taxpayers to stay home. She should have resigned or been fired by her superiors; if they won’t fire her, Congress should impeach her to get her off the federal payroll.

Because U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has lost all credibility as well with his deceitful testimony to Congress concerning his role in the AP scandal, in addition to his other problems. He needs to go also.

President Obama continues to flop as a leader as well. God help the U.S.A.; we are in a real mess with a dearth of leadership at the presidential level. Real leaders lead and do not make excuses. Real leaders would not have allowed four American deaths in Benghazi, but Hillary Clinton and President Obama did. Their excuses are pathetic. In my opinion both are guilty of criminal malfeasance or worse.

I have had enough of lies and excuses about everything dealing with Obama and those around him. America deserves better. America deserves the truth. If Congress has any backbone, they would use impeachment and not shirk their responsibilities in making a proper decision as was done when Bill Clinton was permitted to slide by the Democrats in the Senate in the face of his overwhelming guilt.

I truly hope all our Congressional leaders have not lost their integrity and their desire to do the right thing on behalf of the American people.

Jim Weise