June 28, 2013: Our readers write

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Scouts, homosexuality already separate

Most of my law abiding, productive Maryland hometown friends are former Scouts. The late Harry M. Braxton Sr.; former Cub Scout Packmaster of Pack 1025, and the late Reverend Harold Pitts; former Scoutmaster of Boy Scout Troop 1025, taught us well. No child was ever turned away from membership if they accepted specific rules and consequences. I never saw any sex during Scouting activites. 

Not all homosexual youth who want to become Scouts are predators. Kentucky Revised Statute 510 covers sex related crimes and will deter most juvenile sexual predators if Scoutmasters study it well enough. 

Juvenile sexual predators taken into custody and convicted get placed in the Lincoln Village Regional Juvenile Detention Center until old enough to complete their sentences in an adult facility. I’m one of a fair number of former Boy Scout police officers in Hardin County who “stack the deck” against sexual predators of children.

If I were a pastor, I’d want homosexual youth to attend Scouting activites at my church. Scouts in conjunction with my church would help put Biblical teachings into better perspective and positively influence youth who will likely become whatever else they’re exposed to. 

Acceptance of homosexual Boy Scouts isn’t an acceptance of homosexual lifestyle any more than the admission of a drug addict to my church congregation condones drug use. God knows whether the rejection of Boy Scout programs by local churches is a sign of righteousness, ignorance or cowardice.

Harry M. Braxton



Radicals outpacing moderates

In his 12th year of recruiting, Muhammed said Allah told him it was alright to recuit by force, resulting in 101 calls for battle against all others in passages such as, “Fight those who believe not in Allah——!” Sura 9:29. 

The latter part of Muhammed’s writings are more violent and considered to be the most important by Mulsims, whereas Christianity’s latter writings are nonviolent and more important as exemplified by Jesus saving the adulterous woman from stoning.

 Until we understand their push for world domination, we will have to play catchup someday, maybe too late, and wait in vain for “moderate” Muslims to control the radicals. Can’t happen.

Author Briggitte Gabriel, formerly of Lebanon when it was Christian, said when the Muslim population became about 15 percent the shootings started, and her lifelong friends sided with the radicals against her family, who then fled to Israel. Blood and religion were stronger than friendship.

David Horowitz, national conservative speaker, and Gabriel say in some universities, Muslim students will threaten to riot if a conservative speaker is invited to speak. Peaceful?

Martin Mawyer, in his book, “Twilight In America,” highlights the dozens of Muslim terrorist training camps scattered across America waiting to strike hard at the signal from a leader in Pakistan. Prepared?

J.B. Armstrong