June 7, 2009: Our readers write

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By The Staff


‘We have met the enemy and he is us’

I read Gerald Darcy’s letter regarding Republicans as a “good example of a primitive species” with disdain. In an interesting twist, remove all references to Republicans and insert any group of people on the basis of religious affiliation, cultural identity, race, or gender, and the letter takes on a very different tone and probably would not have made publication.

I spent a weekend in Indianapolis recently and spent some time in the downtown war memorial. There were numerous relics from the Civil War, including surgical instruments, weapons and very moving letters from soldiers to their families. We tend to forget the price that was paid for this United States and how costly divisions in our country can be. Mr. Darcy’s letter made those divisions all the more apparent to me.

I wonder if we confine our moral outrage to the trespasses of a Republican administration yet excuse the same under a Democratic administration, and vice-versa, it can only be surmised that we have no moral outrage at all. Morals should not be defined by party affiliation and should surpass all party lines. It appears, by my observation, that we are very double-minded.

There are some serious stereotypes here. Republicans are, according to Mr. Darcy, “ruled by men who worship religious racism, destruction of truth, and disrespect for the values of our Constitution.” Those are very strong words that he applies indiscriminately and without substantiation. And I have heard others: Republicans are greedy, wealthy capitalists who thrive on war and imperialism and have blatant disregard for the environment and minorities. Conversely, Democrats are environmentally sensitive, care about minorities and live in a manner far removed from the wealth and privilege of Republicans.

Stereotypes are dangerous because they are not based on facts. They pave the way for political profiling and remove the need for people to think, reason and discern what is true and right. They divide and dehumanize us. We see the danger when we refer to other groups in such a manner, but are blind to the danger that such partisanship causes. A trespass is a trespass, regardless of which group the perpetrator belongs to.

Likewise, a good idea should stand upon its own merits. The cost is ultimately for us, the people, who must find ways to live with the consequences of those who legislate, mismanage their businesses and make decisions that may very well be based only upon their own personal gain and ability to get elected or re-elected. We need to see the merits of both parties, as well as the mistakes. The ability to do that is what separates the citizens from the fan clubs.

One only has to examine the facts of history to realize that every administration has had its failures and successes. And every administration has come under the scrutiny of the opposing party, regardless. It would appear to me that to stifle progress or to set up for failure due only to party affiliation is far removed from any “advanced civilization” and is more suitably compared to childish, self-serving behavior. 

We would do well to be students of history and realize the greatest threat to our nation is the internal divisions of our people. As much as we concern ourselves with our national defense and borders, our enemies need only to sit back and wait for us to do ourselves in, bloated from our excesses and unable to make a united stand due to our political bigotry.

Kerrie L. Lewis


  Bring back Fiscal Court districts

Would you please explain to your readers about our last election?

It was my impression that we voted to return to eight magistrates. We want to return to the old districts and old pay checks.

We don’t need the commissioners to make any of these decisions for us. All it will cause is another election to straighten out their mistakes.

Nellie Mattingly

Rineyville   FDA a threat to health, pocketbooks I read with interest the article in Wednesday Magazine on vitamins and supplements. I have been hearing for years how the Food and Drug Administration may soon begin regulating herbal supplements. The magazine article read, “If a drug proved only modestly effective in treating illness, yet posed a moderate risk of harm to patients, the drug probably would not pass FDA muster.” Who are they kidding? Do they think we are stupid or what?

There isn’t room in this letter to list all the drugs the FDA has approved that have killed thousands of people. As most of us know, each year more than 100,000 Americans die from drug side effects or from toxic inter-reactions when two or more drugs are taken simultaneously. Thousands of lawsuits (including over FDA-approved Vioxx) are pending that can cost drug makers billions.

Many drugs deplete the body of vital nutrients such as CoQ10 which is crucial for proper heart function. But don’t count on the FDA, your doctor, your pharmacy, the drug makers or the American Medical Association to tell you that. Now they are wanting to tighten regulations on supplements when they can’t even handle regulations on the (approved) drugs that are killing people.

Truth be told, the big drug companies are getting worried because more Americans are turning to herbals, vitamins and supplements instead of costly drugs, so now they are putting pressure on the FDA.

What they want to do next is to make all vitamins, herbs, minerals and amino acids available only when produced by drug companies. And that means you will have to have a prescription and pay even more for a doctors visit.

I have used and studied herbs and supplements for 20 years. Two herbs I use work better than the drugs at a third the price and without side effects.

Jerry Cooke Sr.