June 7, 2012: Our readers write

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Just say no

We’ve come a long way from wanting to have a glass of wine with your dinner or a beer with your pizza. Alcohol is in practically every store and now you want bars and all of Hardin County wet.

This is a really nice community and we got along fine before all of these changes. Do you really want the fights and killings bars bring? What about the lives alcohol destroys? And not just the lives of people who drink but also their families and the people they meet when they get behind the wheel of an automobile.

I read the article in Monday’s edition of The News-Enterprise which proclaimed the monetary benefits of alcohol, but if you read the entire article, it spoke of hiring more police officers and buying more police cars to deal with the problems of alcohol. Also, the article stated the Elizabethtown beverage control administrator’s job had tripled. Most of the money will be used to offset expenses.

Don’t you have enough access to alcohol right now? We don’t need bars. Downtown can only handle a few bars and restaurants but it would open the door for bars on every corner. Look at the restaurants that are a huge success without alcohol. If you have good food, people will come eat.

Please. Enough is enough. Lives are important; money can be obtained other ways. Say no to bars and making Hardin County wet. Hardin County is a great place to live right now but if we add any more alcohol, our quality of life will be in jeopardy. Please say no.

Anna Hazelip