Jury trial in woman's death set for October

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By Sarah Bennett

Two days before New Year’s Day in 2012, 28-year-old Kristie L. Allen’s mother found her dead in a Buffalo home where her daughter was house sitting for friends.

The case has yet to reach a conclusion in court, and on Monday, attorneys met with Judge Jack Seay in LaRue Circuit Court to discuss motions and set a tentative jury trial date.

Attorneys agreed on an Oct. 22 trial date. Until then, 10th Circuit Commonwealth’s Attorney Terry Geoghegan suggested the parties meet once a month for pre-trial conference.

Kentucky State Police say former Radcliff man Abdullah R. White, 36, and Samantha J. Kolley, 20, are responsible for Allen’s death.

According to police, White asphyxiated Allen while Kolley assisted him in concealing the body. Allen’s mother reported to investigators she saw the two fleeing from the Buffalo home where her daughter was found dead, according to arrest warrants.

Only White is charged in Allen’s death. Between the two, White and Kolley face more than 20 felony counts, including charges of burglary, auto theft and receiving stolen property.

On Monday, friends and family of Allen, White and Kolley were in the gallery to observe the hearing, most of which concerned a single strand of hair.

The hair, discovered on a comforter in which Allen’s body was discovered, was submitted as evidence to the Kentucky State Police lab.

According to prosecutors, state police compared the hair to other samples. Though technicians reported the hair is similar to Kolley’s, they reached no conclusive results, according to the commonwealth.

Prosecutors have requested sending the hair for mitochondrial DNA testing at an FBI lab, but the test would consume the evidence, meaning the hair would not be available for further testing.

Kolley’s attorney, public defender Kristen Purdue, suggested a private lab in Pennsylvania where the procedure could be observed, but the judge ultimately suggested continuing the discussion at a pre-trial conference next month to consider costs, which could be upward of $9,000.

“I don’t know that it proves or disproves any charge the commonwealth has given her,” Purdue said about the hair.

In addition to discussing the hair, prosecutors and defense attorneys submitted written arguments concerning the commonwealth’s motion to consolidate Kolley and White’s cases, which would allow for one jury trial as opposed to two.

Seay took the motion under consideration but made no determination Monday regarding consolidation.

The parties are scheduled to meet next at 2 p.m. April 15 in LaRue Circuit Court.

Kolley and White remain in custody.

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