Just me and my girl ... and my 'Goyle and a couple of Pomeranians

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By Robert Villanueva

Maybe I’m getting a bit carried away, but not as carried away as Doyle, my large lawn gargoyle that arrived at my house sometime last year as a gift from my brother-in-law.

But I thought Doyle needed to make a trip to visit the guy who found him in the first place.

Yeah, I took Doyle on a trip to South Carolina.

I can’t really explain it, but Doyle — for lack of a better description — has taken on a life of his own. (Yeah, I know: that sounds a little creepy, but I’m good with that.)

Doyle gets to have his photo taken with house guests, gets to go to the lake with us and gets into a number of interesting situations around the house, so why shouldn’t he come along for the ride? All of this, of course, is chronicled on my Facebook page.

In fact, when Doyle is absent from my page, I have a few people who ask about him. Really.

So it just seemed natural that the visit to South Carolina should include him.

Never mind that we had two Pomeranians that would be sharing the space with the ’Goyle, as I call him. Nanook is too laid back to care, and Tybalt is too hyper to notice.

My sister Lisa, whose husband is credited with finding — or, in her eyes, responsible for inflicting — Doyle couldn’t believe we hauled the hollow hard plastic statue up for our visit.

But there he was.

And soon Doyle was getting photos snapped of him on a porch chair at their home and with my brother-in-law, Mike.

Then there were the photos at the state lines. Yep. Tennessee. North Carolina. South Carolina. Kentucky. Doyle got the star treatment, and frankly, he’s more photogenic than I am. (Yes, I know that’s sad, but I’m good with that.)

There were certainly a lot of missed opportunities, too.

After all, I didn’t take Doyle on the boat for the six-hour fishing excursion or the adventurous search for a local reputedly haunted location with my girlfriend, Rebecca Ricks, Lisa and nephew Michael.
The week-long visit with my sister could have been a complete Doyle-fest, but really it wasn’t about that. It was about relaxing and enjoying a visit with family, and the ’Goyle had a minor role in that.

I had not been to visit my sister on what is generally an annual visit ever since they moved from Simpsonville, S.C., a couple years ago. They bought a house and property — which I refer to as their “40 Freakin’ Acres”— located directly across from the church in which they were married in 1993.

It was good to spend time walking their wooded land, fishing and laughing.

Doyle sat silent on the floor or in a chair much of that time.

OK. So dragging around a lawn ornament might seem a bit odd. But I figure the Roaming Gnome of TV fame shouldn’t be the only yard decoration being paraded around for a bit of slightly deranged fun.
And somehow finding new experiences for the ’Goyle has become a creative challenge I enjoy taking on. (Yeah, it’s a bit odd, but I’m good with that.)

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