Kitchen Adventures: Adding something savory for breakfast

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Food column by Becca Owsley

By Becca Owsley

Sometimes breakfast can get a bit boring. Don’t get me wrong, breakfast foods on their own are some of the most delicious things you can eat. As a kid, breakfast for dinner was a favorite treat.

Eggs, sausage, biscuits, gravy and don’t forget bacon, are breakfast staples, especially in the South.

But even with these foods that make a wonderful start to your day, sometimes you want to change the breakfast routine up a bit.

Savory Sausage Breakfast Rolls are a good way to make that change.

This recipe is not only tasty but relatively easy to make. If you make them ahead of time, you also can refrigerate them and warm them up for a quick breakfast during the busy week.

What’s also good about this recipe is you can start with the basic outline in the recipe and change it to suit your taste.

I used mild sausage and spiced it up some myself. Instead of using the diced green or red peppers and diced onions I added red pepper flakes and dried minced onions to the sausage after it had browned. Cook the sausage a little longer after adding the spices for the flavor to really blend with the meat.

Use any cheese you think works well with sausage. Cheddar is a cheese that always works well but choose any variety that will go together with sausage.

Another thing you can do differently is put the roll in the freezer for 20 minutes instead of the fridge. The melted butter and hot sausage can cause the dough to stay soggy, even in the fridge. Putting the roll in the freezer after you assemble it can help the dough firm up better.

All that’s left to do is slice and bake.

Some of the slices came out perfectly and some looked a little ragged. As with any rolled dish the slices can give you fits but you can do a little reconstructing of the roll as you place it on the pan to bake. The taste is the most important thing anyway.

As a breakfast dish it serves well with a side of eggs, fruit or a side of hash browns.

Savory Sausage Breakfast Rolls also work well on a brunch buffet or you can make smaller rolls as an appetizer treat for a party.

However you choose to serve it, these breakfast rolls hit the spot.

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Savory Sausage Breakfast Rolls
1 can refrigerated crescent rolls or crescent dough sheet
½ pound ground hot sausage
Salt and pepper
2 tablespoons butter, melted
1 cup shredded cheese
¼ cup finely diced onions
¼ cup finely diced green or red pepper

In a skillet, cook sausage, adding salt and pepper to taste, making sure to break up sausage. Remove sausage to paper towel lined dish to drain.
In same skillet, add onion and green/red pepper, saute just until onion becomes clear.
To assemble unroll crescent dough on a cutting board, if using rolls, pinch seams together to seal.
Brush dough with melted butter covering entire surface.
Spread shredded cheese evenly over dough, then cooked sausage and onions and peppers.
From short end of dough, start rolling jelly roll style until completely rolled. Refrigerate dough roll for 20 minutes to firm dough up.
Cut dough roll into six evenly spaced slices, place on lightly greased baking sheet, cut side up.
Bake in preheated 375 degree oven for 15-18 minutes, until golden brown.

Recipe source www.ChocolateChocolateandmore.com