Kitchen Adventures: Tangy and tasty refreshment

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Food column by Becca Owsley

By Becca Owsley

As spring turns into summer, the weather becomes warmer and communities move outside for entertainment.


When sitting in a swing on the front porch or lazing on the back deck, limeades, lemonades and fruity variations of the two hit the spot.

Usually these tasty concoctions only require a pitcher or blender to mix.

Some not only are tasty but can add a beautiful touch to your family’s outdoor gathering or a ladies’ lunch.

First, decide what kind of fruity taste you are going for. Lemons, strawberries, peaches, pineapples and limes always are a good bet.

Presentation also is key. A trend today is to serve punches and other drinks in Mason jars. A quick look through Pinterest shows a variety of ways to utilize Mason jars. Some tie ribbons around them and others attach bobbles that match the theme of the event.

If what you’re serving looks as good as it tastes it’s best to serve from a clear pitcher. That way, the food becomes a part of the décor.

Another thing to remember is the particular taste of your guests. Because I like things a little bit tart, my concoctions usually land on the sharp side — think SweeTart in a glass.

If you don’t think your guests live on the tangy side, you might tone down the lime or lemon in the drink.

Pinterest offered three recipes that looked like they would do the trick. One highlighted pineapple juice, another featured strawberries and the last included peaches. All are non-alcoholic.

The pineapple strawberry cooler was pretty easy to make. If you want more tart taste, use a 12-ounce can of limeade to kick it up a notch. The author of the recipe also suggests using wooden skewers and threaded sliced pieces of fruit and mint sprigs to add an elegant look. It made about 14 servings.

The second recipe called for frozen strawberries but fresh worked as well. It offered a smoother taste.

My personal favorite of the three was the Peach Flip. This was just an idea on Pinterest and didn’t really provide a recipe, so it was a bit of a guessing game. One bag of frozen peaches, a can of frozen lemonade and about a cup of lemon/lime soda did the trick but there probably are ways to vary from that mix.

The strawberry and peach drinks made four to six servings so double the recipe if you’re serving a larger group.

Peaches and strawberries also blend well together so a combination of the two could work. Oranges and strawberries could also work well together so adding orange juice instead of limeade is another option.

You just have to play around and see what works best for you.

Summer Pineapple Strawberry Cooler

1 12-ounce can frozen pineapple juice concentrate, thawed

1 6-ounce can frozen limeade concentrate, thawed

4 cups cold water

1 liter club soda, chilled

Ice cubes

Fresh strawberries

In a large picture combine pineapple juice concentrate, limeade and water. Chill for at least 30 minutes. Before serving add club soda, ice cubes and fresh strawberries.

Recipe from www.mommag.com

Chilled Strawberry Limeade

1 12-ounce can frozen limeade concentrate

½ can lemon/lime soda

2 cups of frozen strawberries

Pulp of two limes

Blend all ingredients in a blender and chill before serving.

Recipe from pinterest.com

The Peach Flip

1 bag frozen peaches

1 12-ounce can frozen lemonade concentrate

1 cup lemon/lime soda

Blend all the ingredients in a blender and chill before serving.

Recipe from pinterest.com

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