Leaf disposal effort hitting the streets

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Elizabethtown, Radcliff to collect yard waste this month

By Marty Finley

Colder air has moved into Hardin County with the first patch of snow falling this week. With it comes the amber and golden foliage of fall tumbling to the ground.

Those leaves are starting to pile up, but Elizabethtown and Radcliff will aid in clearing them by conducting fall leaf disposal sessions this month.

In Elizabethtown, the public works department has recommended residents part ways with unwanted leaves through a curbside pick-up option. Public Works Superintendent Don Hill encouraged residents to place leaves in clear bags no heavier than 50 pounds near the street. Those who need clear bags can purchase them at the Department of Public Works, 301 Waterworks Drive, or at Pritchard Community Center for $3 for a roll of 25 or $27 for a case of 250. Only clear bags are collected.

Hill said his crews are routinely working 10 hours a day, six days a week, to remove leaves and finish brush pick-up.

The program divides the city into five areas: area one, west of Dixie Avenue and north of St. John Road; area two, west of Dixie Avenue, south of St. John Road and north of the CSX railroad; area three, east of Dixie Avenue and north of North Miles Street; area four, north of Dixie Avenue, east of North Miles Street and west of the CSX railroad; and area five, south of the CSX railroad.

Typically, crews correlate their cleanup to the days of the week, according to Hill. For instance, area one would typically fall on Mondays while area two would fall on Tuesdays and so on, he said. Larger accumulations of leaves in certain areas may require more than one day of work per week in one area, Hill said.

Priority is given to heavily wooded areas and the schedule is repeated until all leaves are cleared, according to the city.

Elizabethtown residents, too, have the option of piling loose leaves beside the curb, which will be picked up by vacuum trucks during the height of the season. Leaves should be cleared of all debris and should not obstruct stormwater drainage structures.

The city also recommends composting leaves for use as mulch in yards or flower beds or negotiating an agreement with a private hauler, if preferred.

City Engineer Toby Spalding said Radcliff’s leaf pickup starts Tuesday, slightly later than last year. Two Radcliff crews will be sweeping the city with leaf vacuums to collect the piles. Spalding said workers will start on the north end and work their way south, likely making one sweep of the city. Secondary rounds may be necessary for those erratic, delayed leaf falls, he said.

Spalding asked residents to avoid placing leaves near drainage outlets and to stack leaves on one side or the other of ditches — preferably the side nearest the road, he said.

“We prefer them to be loose,” Spalding said of the leaves. A separate truck must be used to pick up bagged leaves.

Vine Grove does not furnish a leaf disposal program, Events Coordinator Donna Broadway said.

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