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Editorial: May 16, 2013

ISSUE: Local sisters organizing adult kickball league
OUR VIEW: Sports offers a glimpse back to childhood

If nostalgic reflections to elementary playground days mean anything, two local sisters should generate adequate interest to launch an adult kickball league in Elizabethtown this fall.

That’s right. You read it correctly, kickball. That wonderful intermingling of baseball and dodge ball enjoyed by so many in the days of our youth may be coming to a nearby sports field.

Andrea Babb and Oliva Butler recently set a July 27 date for interested participants age 18 and older to sign-up for the league. Registration is at 5:30 p.m. that Saturday at the soccer fields on Nicholas Street in Elizabethtown. They hope to have an inaugural season running August through November.

Adult kickball has become quite the rage in recent years. Competitive and recreational adult leagues have sprung up from coast to coast in cities large and small. Thousands of teams take to local fields during weekday evenings and weekends to bring their best game against their opponents.

Unlike other adult sports, kickball requires little more than that beloved big red rubber ball, a flat field large enough for a baseball-like diamond and competitors willing to have some fun and exert some energy with friends. It’s a sport where men and women can compete together on the same field of play.

As Babb and Butler point out, it’s also a sport that all can benefit from.

Kickball offers a healthy dose of physical exercise, social connectivity and good old-fashioned competitive enjoyment. According to the World Adult Kickball Association or WAKA, one of the sports’ large organizing bodies, a 220-pound male will burn an average 600 calories and a 130-pound female will burn an average 350 calories in an average 50-minute game. If the spirited camaraderie and entertainment weren’t enough, the physical benefits of an evening or afternoon of team-oriented exercise could be enough to justify involvement.

We hope to see a good turnout for the signups and recognize both women for taking the initiative in getting a good recreational idea set into motion. Who knows, you might see one or more of us sign up. We just hope we get picked for a team sooner than some of did as children on those long-ago playgrounds.

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