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By The Staff

I have learned over the years to check my receipts when I go to any of the discount or grocery stores in town. Last week, I did my weekly shopping at my home away from home, Wal-Mart. One item that was purchased by me from the deli last week was the Broccoli Salad. This week my pur-chase in question was two doughnuts from the bakery. As I checked my receipt was the two percent restaurant tax. To the best of my knowledge the two percent tax was only to be charged at our local eateries. After making phone calls to both Wal-Mart and city hall there answers were you paid the tax because the foods were prepared in the store. I know for a fact that the broccoli salad comes in containers and are mixed together. The doughnuts come frozen and are baked. Are we as customers being ripped off by the super giants of the grocery chain? How many theirs faithfully check their receipts? Probably not very many!

Cathy Wyatt