Local education leaders warn of ‘fiscal cliff’ cuts

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By Kelly Cantrall

Even if the fight is taking place in Washington, D.C., the so-called “fiscal cliff” funding battle will have a local impact for educators.

The local superintendents have spoken out against the impending spending cuts that would impact education if no deal is reached between Congress and the White House by January. If no agreement as to how to address the deficit is made, a combination of tax increases and spending cuts will go into effect at the beginning of next month.

The spending cuts include an estimated $2.7 billion loss from Title I grants and IDEA special education state grants.

The Elizabethtown Independent Schools board approved a resolution at its latest board meeting pleading for a deal to be made to spare schools the cuts to programs.

Terry Holliday, commissioner of the Kentucky Department of Education, asked districts to support the resolution, which will be sent to members in Congress from the Kentucky School Board Association.

Nannette Johnston, superintendent of Hardin County Schools, has sent letters as well to members of Congress.

Johnstonsaid members of Congress and the White House administration are elected to represent Americans, and she’s asking them to set an example to students.

“It’s time to put the politics aside,” she said.

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