Local pizza sales boom for Super Bowl XLVII

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No game-day vacations for delivery drivers

By Amber Coulter

The Ravens and 49ers weren’t the only ones scoring big Sunday.


Super Bowl Sunday is the busiest day in the pizza industry, sometimes being matched by New Year’s Eve.

Snappy Tomato Pizza on North Wilson Road in Radcliff had 15 delayed orders for 6 p.m. by 3 p.m. on game day, said Crystal Logsdon, part owner and general manager for the store.

Employees try to promote sales for that day in the couple weeks leading up to the game with direct mail and door hangings, she said.

“It is a very big deal,” she said. “It’s like doing a Friday afternoon twice.”

Employees come in early that day, order many more ingredients than usual and prepare as much food as possible before the game starts to handle the greatly increased volume of orders, Logsdon said.

Customers are understanding if all the orders mean deliveries are delayed during the steadily busy period. Employees try to throw in extra sides and other bonuses to compensate for lateness, she said.

“It’s all about how you treat your customers,” she said.

No employees request off for the Super Bowl, and delivery drivers especially are excited about what the business means for the tips they bring in, Logsdon said.

“It’s like Christmas to them,” she said.

Carol Banks, manager of Pizza Hut on West Dixie Avenue in Elizabethtown, said her employees also tend to be excited about the increased business the day of the Super Bowl, which consistently is extremely busy.

“I can say that this is one day that day that no employees get the day off,” she said.

The high sales boost yearly numbers, Banks said.

Meeting that demand means a lot of preparation work, constantly getting dough ready to stay ahead of orders and using every small window of slowed orders to restock, she said.

Banks said the demand can be overwhelming for employees, but they try to stay calm. Many expressed excitement about tackling the challenge, she said early Sunday afternoon.

“We’ll see what they say at the end of the day,” she said.

Ed Lucas, area supervisor for Papa John’s Pizza, said his stores try to put inexperienced employees near veterans to help them and keep them from being overwhelmed.

Having plenty of prepared ingredients and a full staff helps meet demand, and employees had a meeting before Sunday to talk about what to expect, he said.

The day of, it’s important to try to stay ahead of demand, Lucas said.

“Our guys are really good at what we do,” he said.

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