Local schools launch lives of distinction

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Editorial: Aug. 27, 2014

ISSUE: HCS and EIS honor distinguished graduates
OUR VIEW: Local schools provide foundation for success

Maybe you have a gift for writing and a dream of working in Hollywood. Or perhaps you have a heart for children and want to devote yourself to serving orphans. Then again, historic preservation and a love for media might lead you to a job in the White House.

And it all can start here in the Hardin County Schools district. The life achievements of the district’s distinguished alumni set to be honored Thursday prove dreams can happen. Not just those dreams, but seven others.

The Elizabethtown Indepen­dent Schools also announced its second class of exemplary graduates who will receive Tradition of Excellence Alumni Awards in Sept­ember. Those eight honorees have made a mark in the world through military service, police work, education, medicine, writing, entertainment and athletic training.

In addition to celebrating the lives of some very deserving individuals, these annual ceremonies serve to remind us great things happen in local schools every day. Children are inspired to take the first steps toward bright futures. These military heroes, the NASA administrator, the antimicrobial medical expert, the high school principal and the sitcom writer all spent time behind desks in local school buildings.

It is important that dreams are supplemented with excellent education supplied by motivated and dedicated teachers. It is equally important that students learn the value of hard work, dedication and perserverance these honorees have exhibited in their lives.

Students walking those same halls, visiting those same classrooms and studying similar subjects today have new dreams and aspirations. They can take heart knowing great accomplishments begin in HCS and EIS classrooms.

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This year’s HCS distinguished alumni inductees are Col. Jeff Broadwater, Dr. Phillip Hash, Amy Hubbs, Tim Isaacs, Diane Tierney Kelley, Staff Sgt. Jasmine Russell Liberty, Dr. Lisa Oakley, Brenda Riddle, James Storey and Lisa Langley Williams. Each will be recognized at a luncheon, which begins at 11:30 a.m. Thursday in Nannette S. Johnston Hall at the HCS Early College and Career Center on University Drive in Elizabethtown.

Elizabethtown Inde­pendent Schools’ receipients of the Tradition of Excellence Alumni Award this year are Lawrence R. French, Robert C. (Bobby) Hamilton, Ann Hodges, Scott Hubbard, Paul Edward Kerrick, Ken Maffet, M.D., Col. Con­stance L. Garrett Scott and Gary P. West. They will be recognized during the homecoming parade at 4 p.m. Sept. 19 and at halftime of the football homecoming game. An awards ceremony is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Sept. 20 at Elizabethtown Country Club.