Locals decide whether to brave crowds

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Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday shopping draws mixed emotions

By Gina Clear

With only one day separating customers from the Christmas shopping season, many residents are deciding whether to brave crowds to find bargains on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday or to skip it all together.

Sgt. Thomas Duval and his wife, Lyndsey, of Fort Knox won’t be shopping Thursday or Friday.

“There’s no way saving a couple bucks on Thanksgiving and Black Friday will convince me to come,” Duval said.

Instead, Duval started the family’s Christmas shopping early to avoid large crowds.

“We’re not trampling over everyone,” he said.

Tammy Hall of Elizabethtown said she won’t be shopping either day for a different reason.

“I work in retail, so I won’t be out shopping,” she said.

The excitement surrounding Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping is what draws Tania Bacerra of Fort Knox into stores.

“I’ve only been doing the Black Friday thing for the past two years,” she said. “I had to see what all the hype is about.”

Bacerra said she will shop Thanksgiving searching for deals on gifts for her children, but also is drawn by some retailers’ promise of guaranteed items.

“If you’re in line, you’ll be guaranteed (the item), so you don’t get up there to hear them say they ran out,” she said.

Still others say no amount of guarantees and sales can draw them away from their families on Thanksgiving.

“I believe Black Friday should start on Friday, because it’s employees’ holiday, too,” said Dannette Kendall of Lebanon Junction. “I’m taking one holiday at a time. I do love Black Friday. Me and my son go out together. It’s part of our tradition.”

Hanna Rux of Fort Knox said she won’t shop on Thanksgiving because she believes families deserve time to be together on the holiday.

“I think families should be at home,” she said. “There are things I would love to buy but I won’t support big businesses taking employees away from their families. Shopping is not essential. Nothing is that important.”

Gina Clear can be reached at 270-505-1746 or at gclear@thenewsenterprise.com.