Look-alikes on lookout for a good time

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By Amber Coulter

Hattie Duckworth hid a little behind her mother’s arm as the pair walked down the runway at the Hardin County Fair.


The incoming Creekside Elementary School first-grader became a little bolder when she and her mother, Emily, reached the end of the runway in their matching jean jackets, red blouses, white shorts and red stud earrings.

The girl kept her grip on her mother’s hand but stepped out from behind her to look around and play to the crowd a little.

Even the mother and daughter’s shoulder-length, straight chestnut hair played to their resemblance during the fair’s parent/child look-alike contest Monday.

The competition featured 11 pairs of parents and their children in matching clothes strutting and toddling along the runway.

One mother and daughter came out in their volunteer firefighter gear, while a father held his daughter’s hands so the nearly-walking baby could get to the end of the stage on her own feet.

Emily Duckworth originally wasn’t planning to enter with her daughter, but Hattie had a sister competing in the Little Miss and Mister Hardin County Fair Pageant.

“This was her chance to be in a contest, also,” she said.

Emily Duckworth was glad her daughter got a chance to participate and was shocked when their casual entry into the competition won first place.

Hattie and runner up David Bradley Florence II, an incoming third-grader at Helmwood Heights Elementary School, agreed that they each look like their parents.

They said being in the competition was fun and scary.

The boy’s father, David Bradley Florence, of Elizabethtown said the competition offered something he and his son could do together while school is out and the fair is in town.

“We just wanted to do something different, something fun,” he said.

He joked that the appearance would kick start his son’s modeling career.

Other entrants were also looking for some fun when they decided to participate.

Melissa Tew and her daughter, Mekaila Craig, an incoming fifth-grader at Rineyville Elementary School, found out about the contest earlier that day.

“It was kind of spur of the moment,” Tew said. “We just decided to do it.”

They made a dash to the children’s department of a local store to find matching dresses that would fit them both and accessorized with matching jewelry to wear during their turn down the runway.

They struck a pose at the end and laughed with David Bradley Florence and his son until the judging.

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