Loved one realizing dream is dream for both

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By Robert Villanueva

So my girlfriend, Rebecca Ricks, has been turning a dream into reality.

On July 4 she officially leased space in downtown Elizabethtown for her business, Moonlight Serenity Body Products — that might seem like an overt plug, but, really, I tried writing it without mentioning the name, and I could hear readers asking, “Why didn’t he mention the name of the business?” — a line of homemade lotions and soaps.

Yeah, the date was a symbolic one. You know, Independence Day, and all that.

And after working for the same retail company for 21 years, she more than deserved it.

Days have been filled with discussions about business ideas, production of new items, excursions to find shop decorations, work on a website and updates to a Facebook page. Some ideas have had to be revised, while others worked right off the bat.

I know she’s excited and happy and scared all at once.

I’m experiencing the same emotions along with her.

More than anything, I’m proud of her. Taking a shot at a dream is a huge step.

How easy it is to sit back and bemoan the tribulations of the world and what it offers us while remaining unwilling to try to do anything about it.

Sure, I know the means aren’t always there to pursue a dream, but sometimes when they are, many still hesitate too long.

And you know what they say about he who hesitates.

The truth of the matter is that she hasn’t hesitated once. She has been planning to open this shop for some time, despite a suggestion that she start out as an online business only.

In so many ways, the business venture is a good fit. Part of her dream was that she have a shop in a historic building downtown. After checking a few options, she found space in the former Taylor Hotel.

Of course, another plus is that we live within walking distance of the shop. In fact, if we stand at the end of our driveway we can look down the alley and see the shop front.

Perhaps it’s a big risk to open a business these days.

Maybe that doesn’t even matter.

At the core of the scrubbing, sweeping, painting and decorating — not to mention the planning, organizing, budgeting and stocking — is one woman’s dream.

As the shop takes shape, it’s like seeing the dream realized.

And, truth be told, I’ve enjoyed doing what I can to support and nurture it.

It’s her baby, but she’s been more than welcoming of my ideas and input. That’s not to say we didn’t have a discussion long beforehand about what she did or didn’t want in the way of feedback.

This is her dream, after all, not mine.

But the dream is a shared one, like those most couples have.
I want what will make her happy, and any way I can make that happen I will.

So I’ve shopped with her, decorated with her, painted with her and designed labels, tags and a website with her.

In the end, it has become just icing on a cake.

Regardless of what becomes of the business, Rebecca already is a success in my eyes.

To re-phrase a famous quote: The unpursued dream is not worth dreaming.

And Rebecca has pursued and caught hers.

Robert Villanueva can be reached at rvillanueva@thenewsenterprise.com or (270) 505-1743.