Man's crafty constructions draw interest in Glendale

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Stories from the Heartland

By Amber Coulter

Anthony Sharp has put Easter decorations out on his lawn in Glendale.

One is a fiberglass egg nearly as tall as a small child.

The other is a pig ziplining with a pinwheel in each hand. He is modeled after Maxwell the Pig, a GEICO mascot.

Sharp saw the pig in a series of commercials and was struck with the urge to craft its likeness.

“He irritates some people, but I think he’s funny,” he said.

Sharp learned to work with fiberglass as a student at East Hardin High School.

He used those skills, newspapers, glue, foam insulation and pictures he printed off the Internet to work for about a month crafting the pig on his kitchen table in a home he designed and built.

Since putting it outside last year and this year, he has seen many passersby stop to take pictures of his creations.

“I’m glad they think it’s funny,” he said. “I think it’s funny.”

Sharp said his brother, who also is his next-door neighbor, doesn’t care for the Maxwell the Pig fan art, so he began only putting the pig out near Easter. That’s when he also sets out an egg large enough to make any chicken wary.

Sharp made a similar egg when his children, now in their 20s, were small. It fell apart after years of use, so he built a new version.

When his children were small, the handy retired deputy jailer from the Hardin County Detention Center also built a wooden model of Thomas the Tank Engine large enough for them to sit inside and climb atop. He also strung a small zipline in the back yard.

Sharp said it’s impossible to predict what will capture his interest and inspire him to build something.

“I just like making stuff,” he said. “When something hits me, I do that.”

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