Manufacturers group highlights legislative filings

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The News-Enterprise
The Kentucky Association of Manufacturers tells its members the following bills pending in the General Assembly should be of interest:

  • Senate Bill 38, Career Pathways, among other things would express legislative goals for career and technical education, define terms related to career and technical education and  require the Department of Education to issue core content standards.
  • SB 77, Classification of employees and contractors, among other things would, define “person,” “contractor,” “prime contractor,” and “subcontractor”; amend KRS 131.130 to specify the Department of Revenue as the determining authority in issues related to the classification of a person as an employee or independent contractor.
  • House Bill 120, omnibus tax reform — expands sales tax on services, reduces income tax, eliminates corporate income tax.
  • HB 127, Omnibus tax reform — expand sales tax on services, change income tax rates, earned income credit.
  • HB 131, among other things would delay effect of administrative regulations that have significant impact until legislation ratifying the regulation passes.
  • n HB 167, among other things would encourage greater energy efficiency, conservation, and the use of renewable resources in order to promote energy independence and security by diversifying the portfolio of energy sources used for generating electricity for Kentucky retail electric customers.
  • n HB 202, among other things would require a health benefit plan or limited health benefit plan that provides coverage for chiropractic services and procedures to clearly state the availability of chiropractic coverage in the plan and all limitations.
  • n HB 213, Constitutional Amendment to establish legislature`s authority to review administrative regulations.
  • n HB 216, Governor`s Graduation Bill would increase dropout age to 18 by 2017.