March 1, 2013: Our readers write

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Fear should not stop local birthing center

I am overjoyed for the proposed birth center in Elizabethtown but dismayed to hear about the fear that might prevent its opening.

The Birth Center Study (Rooks, 1992), a study involving more than 18,000 women, showed the safety of birth center birth equal to that of hospital birth. ACOG, the governing body for obstetricians and gynecologists, statement is, “the Committee on Obstetric Practice believes that hospitals and birthing centers are the safest setting for birth.”

Midwifery care has shown to improve birth outcomes by decreasing low birth weight babies. The National Birth Center Study II, which followed more than 15,000 women who planned a birth center birth, showed the rate of Caesarean section was about 6 percent in birth centers, while similar low-risk women in hospitals had about a 24 percent Caesarean rate. Decreasing the Caesarean rate can decrease health care costs and complications to both mother and infant.

By limiting options for women, growth of the community also is stunted.

Currently, women cross state lines to have the birth they desire in an out-of-hospital setting. Families who strongly desire an out-of-hospital birth are less likely to move to an areas where it is not an option. Birth professionals are less likely to want to set up practices in areas where out-of-hospital birth does not exist.

Through Medicaid, the federal government reimburses for birth center births.

Research supports it and the governing body of obstetrics and gynecology supports birth center births. Isn’t it time for Kentucky to support birth center birth as well?

Lynn Ann Griffin
Seattle, Wash.

$12 million county offices move

Not surprised after reading Hardin Fiscal Court approved, without Hardin County taxpayers’ input or a town hall meeting, fast and under the radar moving the county offices and government to Ring Road. This means more debt and taxes going up just like the Elizabethtown Sports Park and others. Imagine if the Justice Place restaraunt owner refurbished a building thinking about her patrons from the courthouse only to be sideswiped by losing customers. What can we do except vote these people out next time?

There are better priorities in E’town, with this current bad economy, than to continue to raise debt and taxes for pet projects by county officials whose salaries are paid by our tax money.

Richard Leal